Cited Reference Searching in Web of Science

Web of Science indexes over 5,300 of the leading science journals across 164 scientific disciplines within engineering, physical, and life sciences, and provides searching of cited references from 1900 to the present. It also includes the Arts & Humanities Citation Index and the Social Sciences Citation Index.

Cited Reference Search: Entering a Search

If you want to find out what articles have cited a particular work, choose Cited Reference Search from the main search page, located in the drop-down menu next to Basic Search.

Search Tips

  • Use variations or truncate the name of the cited author after the first initial. You may also look up author names using the cited author search aid (denoted by a magnifying glass icon).

  • Truncate the terms in the cited work field in order to match different forms of an abbreviated journal name or book title. Truncate the cited work abbreviation even if selected from the Journal Abbreviation List.

  • References that are not linked in your look-up table are those that are to items not indexed by ISI (books, etc.), articles outside UC Berkeley's subscription limits, or cited reference variations.

An example of a cited reference search for this article follows:

K. Anand, J. Ziebuhr, P. Wadhwani, J.R. Mesters, R. Hilgenfeld. "Coronavirus main proteinase (3CL(pro)) structure: Basis for design of anti-SARS drugs." SCIENCE, 300 (5626): 1763-1767, Jun. 13, 2003.

To find articles that have cited this article, enter the following search terms:

Cited Author = anand k*
Cited Work = science*


Cited Reference Search: Lookup Page

The table below shows all of the citations to K. Anand's papers published in the journal Science.

If searching for a specific cited reference, locate it by matching its Volume, Page and Year with the original article's bibliographic information. Notice that this paper has been cited several different ways. Citation variants are often due to a paper's volume, page, and year being cited incorrectly by an author.

Select the appropriate cited reference listing, as well as variants (if present), by clicking in the check box to the left of the reference.

Example showing the search results for the author K. Anand in the journal Science.

Click Finish Search to get a total count of the citations to this article in Web of Science.

Click Show Expanded Titles to change the cited reference view to display the article titles for linked references.

Depending on your chosen display option, click either the article title or the View Record link to move to the full record.

Eliminating Self-Citations

To eliminate an author's self-citations from your results, first go to Cited Reference Search to run a cited author search. Select all references that pertain to your specific author and click Finish Search to create a set. Next, go to General Search to perform an author search. Finally, go to Advanced Search and combine the two search sets with the NOT Boolean operator.

Example: (results of the cited reference search) NOT (results of the author search)

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