Using Saved Searches in INSPEC and Web of Science

ISI Web of Knowledge (WoK) features a My Saved Searches function for INSPEC and Web of Science, enabling you to create a search to be run automatically weekly or monthly with the results sent to your e-mail address. Whenever you perform a search, you can use the Save History/Create Alert function to save your search history and create an e-mail alert.

To save your history and create an alert, you must first have a Personal Account in the Web of Science interface. Click on the Sign In option in the upper right corner of the Main Search page to create your account.

Creating Alerts for Saved Searches

To create an alert, run your search in the INSPEC database then click the Search History link above the result set. If you have more than one search in your search history, delete the sets you don't want saved. Click on Save History/Create Alert.

If you haven't logged in to your personal account already, WoK will prompt you for your login. You are given two options to save your search; you can save it on the WoK server or on your own computer's local drive (note: this option does not require a personal account).

To save your current search on the WoK server

  1. Assign a name to your search.

  2. Do you want an e-mail alert?

    If no, skip this step.

    If yes, check the E-mail Alerts: box. Enter your e-mail address and select preferred Alert type and e-mail format.

  3. Click Save to save your search history to the server.

Alert Types:

  • Notify only: sends you notification when the week's results are available.
  • Author, Title, Source (default): sends bibliographic information including authors, article titles, source information, document type, language, and ISSN/ISBN.
  • Author, Title, Source + Abstract: includes bibliographic information and the author's abstract.
  • Full Record: sends the full article record including bibliographic information, abstract, keywords, address information, and publisher information.

E-mail formats:

  • Plain Text (default): ASCII text file.
  • HTML: display results in your web browser.
  • EndNote: Field-delimited format for use to import citations directly into bibliographic management software such as EndNote, RefWorks, ProCite, etc.
  • Field Tagged: Same format as EndNote.

To save your current search on your own workstation

To save:

  1. In the Save Search History screen, select Save ... under the Save on Your Workstation option.
  2. Rename (default file is named inspec.history) and save the file to your preferred drive.

To open a saved search history:

  1. Click on My Saved Searches on the top of the search page.
  2. Under Open From Your Workstation, click Browse and select the saved search file.
  3. Click the Open button, then Run to run the search.

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