CSEIL Annual Report: FY 2007/08


August: SnagIt upgrades were received by everyone who requested it.

August 16 - 17: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) course "A Field Guide to GenBank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources" was held.

September: CSEIL laptops were replaced by 13 new ones. Thanks to the Systems Office people, especially Richard Batten, who prepared them for us.

Camtasia offered an upgrade; however, there was no interest as people doing video tutorials have switched to Adobe Captivate software.

Instruction Statistics

  Course-related Orientation and tours Training Other TOTAL
Sessions 189 64 1 21 275
Attendees 4,988 1,346 2 321 6,657

Stanley Hall Library Services: A Pilot Program
Preliminary Report, July 2008

Six science and engineering librarians¹ piloted a program to provide on-site reference services in Stanley Hall² during the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 semesters. When first proposed, both the administrative and facilities staff of Stanley Hall were very enthusiastic about librarians being in the building, and facilitated our being there in many ways.

The service was scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday, for a total of six hours per week. One librarian with a laptop was positioned at a small kiosk in the atrium of the building during those times. Full internet access was available via the AirBears wireless service.

Statistics were kept on the number of questions and the status of the asker.
Total number of questions: 732

  • Fac/Res/Grad: 98
  • Undergrad: 494
  • Other: 111

The location within the atrium meant the librarian was often surrounded (swamped) by undergraduates and many of them had directional questions about specific rooms or other facilities in Stanley and the location of other classes and buildings on campus. Librarians frequently spoke with faculty and other members of research groups as they were going in and out of the building, though these interactions often did not include the asking of reference questions. When planning this service, the librarians expected that the café would be open and that the service would take place near the café, where people would be able to sit and talk for a while. The atrium itself was also empty of the planned tables and chairs as those had been forbidden by the Fire Marshall until some issues are resolved. All this meant that people had no place to get coffee or lunch right there and no comfortable place to talk for a while.

Throughout the semesters, librarians got to know very well the academic administrative staff, as well as the building engineer and facilities staff. The facilities staff agreed to house the laptop bag in a secure, locked cabinet so librarians didn't have to carry it back and forth, and they also provided a comfortable adjustable chair exclusively for our use. The relationship with the administrative staff has facilitated the reserving of meeting rooms in Stanley Hall on several occasions.³

The librarians will meet before the Fall 2008 Semester to review the experience and determine the next steps.

¹ Bette Anton, Sue Koskinen, Mary Ann Mahoney, Jean McKenzie, Lisa Ngo, Brian Quigley
² Stanley Hall is a multidisciplinary research building with 38 faculty research groups and three general assignment classrooms.
³ For example, the Science/Engineering UC Berkeley-Stanford Collections Meeting, and a Presentation and Interview room for a librarian candidate.

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