CSEIL Annual Report: July 2001 - June 2002

July – October 2001: Specify, evaluate, select, and order laptops, projectors, wireless access point, and other equipment to be ordered. Paul Payne from Library Systems was especially helpful in sorting through the possibilities and selecting the best alternatives. In particular, he advised us on how to create a wireless classroom, rather than a more limited LAN room.

July 2001: CSEIL reflector established for the committee.

August 2001: Began work with Mary Scott to develop a graphic and logo to be used on CSEIL web pages, letterhead, posters, etc.

September 2001: CSEIL group members are solicited to serve on search committees for the Undergraduate Services (M. Mahoney) and Head of Instructional Services (J. McKenzie) Librarian positions, as well as on the Task Force on Redesigning the Moffitt training rooms (B. Anton).

October 2001: CSEIL was invited to the Teaching Library Program Coordinator's meeting to talk about areas of mutual interest and there are many. These included all the issues surrounding library instruction and information literacy, including the professional development that will help us as move towards effective teaching of information literacy concepts.

October 2001: Ilan Eyman went off the committee and Beth Weil joined.

November 2001 – February 2002: Equipment begins to arrive and the remaining items ordered. Mike Parng in Systems configured the laptops with the standard staff desktop, plus whatever other software science and engineering librarians requested. Cart and equipment were fully assembled by early March.

January 2002: CSEIL had a very stimulating meeting with Linda van Hoene, Director of the Graduate Student Instructors' Center. Linda informed us of the work and programs her Center does for GSIs. We explored the possibility of putting on a program for science and engineering graduate students later in the semester. After discussions with Patty Iannuzzi in February, it was decided to wait until Sarah McDaniel arrives in June. She will be the Library's liaison with the GSI center and will work with the Teaching Library and CSEIL to co-ordinate library activities with the GSI center.

March 2002: CSEIL sponsored a program for the Science Council with Grace Baysinger from Stanford. She spoke about her work with chemistry students and GSIs and showed her instructional web videos made with Camtasia, as well as other informative web pages.

March – April 2002: Sound system arrives. Instructions for wireless classroom written. Portable classroom demonstrated at a Science Council meeting and declared ready for use. Committee members were instructed in setting it up.

April – June 2002: The Graduate Communications and Events Department asked for guidelines that would aid science and engineering graduate students in beginning their research, finding their library specialist, how to get training on library resources, etc. This was the impetus for developing CSEIL's web pages. A subgroup (D. Fortner, J. McKenzie, and B. Quigley) did a preliminary outline for the content and all the members contributed to the final draft, when it was sent out to the Science Council members for comment and input. Thanks to Fleur Helsingor for doing the web design and coding work. Content continued to be added and revisions made through the end of this fiscal year.

May – June 2002: A budget request was submitted for software to enable us to make training videos that can be shown via the web and to purchase more laptops for the portable classroom. It was approved at year-end.

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