CSEIL Annual Report: January - June 2001

January 2001: Proposal to establish CSEIL to function as a center for science and engineering librarians to focus their ideas on library instruction and information literacy for their faculty, students, and researchers.

February 2001: A committee was formed to explore how CSEIL might work. Committee Chair is Jean McKenzie and members are Bette Anton, Ilan Eyman, David Farrell, Diane Fortner, Mary Ann Mahoney, and Brian Quigley. The Committee developed a mission statement and goals, and identified potential partner/collaborators/campus groups that would mutually benefit from library instruction and information literacy programs.

February – April 2001: Initiated discussions with Patty Iannuzzi about her doing a program on some aspects of information literacy/library instruction. The idea was taken up by the LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee and a stimulating workshop was held on April 3, 2001. The program was entitled "Laying the Foundation for Information Literacy" and was well attended.

May 2001: As many of the science and engineering libraries do not have computer training rooms, the committee prepared a budget request to support a portable wireless classroom. Paul Payne and Kathy McClelland of the Library Systems office were particularly helpful in quickly getting the figures we needed to put the budget forward. The budget also requested some equipment that would augment that already owned at some locations. The budget was approved near the end of June.

June 2001: The Committee discussed CSEIL at a Science Council meeting. A poster presentation about CSEIL at the American Society of Engineering Education generated a lot of interest and discussion.

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