General Science eBooks

CRCnetBASE   UCB access only

Thousands of handbooks, scientific and technical resources and databases that can be searched together or in subject-based groupings. Includes ENGnetBASE, MATHnetBASE, CHEMnetBASE, and more.

Ebrary   UCB access only

Collection of full-text books in all disciplines, including Engineering and Technology, Computers and Information Technology, and Biomedical sciences, with built-in software tools. Requires Ebrary plug-in or java client.

Access full-text books that are out of copyright and view excerpts from books that are still under copyright; use the "Find this book in a library" link to locate a copy at a local library. Includes UC Berkeley books scanned for the Google Library Project.

HathiTrust combines the digital collections of more than fifty research libraries, including the University of California, and offers full text access to volumes in the public domain.

Open Access books from libraries and individual collections. Includes UC Berkeley books scanned by the Internet Archive.

Knovel   UCB access only

Collection of full-text engineering and scientific handbooks and databases, with built-in software tools.

Access to full-text PDFs of books and reports from the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council.

Open Library   UCB access only

Open Library contains records for approximately 20 million books, of which about a million (representing 680,000 works) are freely available in full text.

Springer ebooks   UCB access only

Full-text access to 20,000+ Springer ebooks published between 2005 to 2009. Subject collections cover Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and more.

An online reference library of several dozen textbooks and atlases, primarily in the basic sciences, with some clinical titles.

Wiley Online Library   UCB access only

Includes 950 books with a 2011 publication date. The collection includes books in the life, health and physical sciences. Access icons indicate which titles are included in our subscription.

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