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Statement of Principles (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Faculty Conference on Scholarly Publishing - UC Berkeley

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Designing Incentives and Support

Assertion: Incentives and support can be designed to assist scholars to shift their publishing behavior:

  • from high-profit commercial journals to more sustainable models
  • from printed monographs to digital, print-on-demand online works
  • from "smallest publishable unit" to complete research report
  • by placing research into open access repositories

Question: What support and incentives (monetary, time, staffing, training, etc.) could the university offer to Berkeley authors and editors to facilitate this change?

A Few Background Facts:

Subventions are not uncommon¹:
For 1st publications:

  • UT-Austin distributes $30,000/yr using campus bookstore profits. Authors may publish with any academic press and need not be tenured to apply.
  • Yale provides up to $5,000 to younger faculty members in the humanities.
  • Ohio State approves subsidies up to $2,000, funded equally by departments and academic divisions. Others include the University of Iowa, North Carolina State University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

For use of alternatives:

  • UNC VC for Research created a subsidy for open access publication fees

The UC Libraries have arranged memberships that assist with publication in open access journals²

Publisher or Publication Normal publication fee UC discounted fee Based on
BioMed Central (all BioMed Central journals) $500 $0 (100% discount) Institutional membership
Nucleic Acids Research (from Oxford Univ. Press) $1500 $500 (66% discount) Included as part of UC's subscriptions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) $1000 (to provide open access; separate from page and other charges) $750 (25% discount) Included as part of UC's online subscription
Public Library of Science (all PLoS journals) $1500 $1200 (20% discount) Institutional membership

¹ Presses Seek Fiscal Relief in Subsidies for Authors: Universities would provide money to underwrite their professors' books. Chronicle of Higher Education. August 13, 2004.
² Maintained at the UC Office of Scholarly Communication.

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