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What You Can Do:

Wield Your Influence

As a University of California faculty member (as both an author and consumer of scholarly information), you have a great deal of influence. Here at the University of California, we are particularly influential as, according to data compiled by the University of California Office of the President, UC faculty serve on editorial boards of about 15 percent of the top-tier journals.

Here's what you can do:

Examine the pricing and licensing agreements of journals you contribute to as an author, reviewer, or editor. If possible, refuse to contribute to or edit for journals from publishers who practice "predatory pricing." For more data on publishers and journals consult:

Support open-access publishers and reasonably priced non-profit publishers by submitting papers to them instead of to costly commercial journals. If you are an editor of an expensive journal, consider moving your journal to a different publisher.

Encourage your scholarly society to follow publishing best practices including maintaining reasonable prices for its journals. If your association contracts its publications to commercial publishers, suggest alternatives such as moving to a non-profit publisher. Discuss ways to support society activities from creative sources other than escalating subscription prices, which become unsustainable for library budgets.

Faculty resolutions:

A number of faculty groups around the country have issued resolutions on topics related to high journal prices and scholarly communication.


Making Change Work For You
From Create Change. Discusses how scholars can encourage change through their roles as authors, editors, and members of scholarly societies.

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