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Scholarly Communication

Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII)
The goal of a new pilot, sponsored by the Vice Chancellor for Research and the University Librarian, is to advance the impact of UC Berkeley research by subsidizing Berkeley faculty members, post-docs, and graduate students who want to make their journal articles free to all readers immediately upon publication. Find out how to apply for funds at the BRII website.

Scholarly communication is the system by which information is created (by scholars), distributed (by publishers), and disseminated, preserved, and organized (by libraries). The soaring cost of published information has put this system at risk.

Scholarly Communication at Risk

The fundamental mission of the University as stated in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) is to "discover knowledge and to disseminate it" to colleagues, students, and society at large. The crisis in scholarly communication threatens not only to reduce your access to scholarly material but also limits the dissemination of your scholarly output. As stated in Resolution I by the UC Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee, "Scholarly communication is in a state of crisis that threatens to compromise the University of California's core mission."

New Technology

The Internet gives publishers new opportunities for generating revenue. Now, publishers can charge licensing fees for their online content. In other words, instead of paying one-time fees to own online resources, libraries often "rent" them. At the same time, the Internet has the potential to give you, as an author, more control over how your work is disseminated. Rather than relying on a publisher to distribute your work, you can post your own research findings on eScholarship. This makes your work available not just to those who happen to be affiliated with institutions that subscribe to the journal but to anyone, anywhere with access to the Internet.

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