Find links to articles

Free & Open Journal Articles Online

There are many ways to find journal articles that have been posted online open access.

If you're on campus, often the easiest thing to do is to Google or Google-Scholar search for the article, and follow the links. If you do this while on campus, you'll be able to connect to the full text of any articles that are either open access online or licensed by the Library (and accessible to you via CalNet).

If you're off campus and searching the open Web, you can still try Googling either the article title or the journal title, but you might not be able to read the full text of an article unless the article is posted open access. 


Electronic Articles Through the Library Catalog

Even if something isn’t open online, there’s a really good chance that, as a UC Berkeley student, you have access to it anyway! The Library subscribes to thousands and thousands of ejournals that are free to use by faculty, staff, and students, both on and off campus.

You just need to search the Library catalog: