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There is a growing body of open textbooks available electronically online (eTextbooks or “Open Educational Resources”) that are 100% free to use, print, or remix. You just have to check a few sites to see what’s available.

  • Open Textbook Library via University of Minnesota. All of these textbooks are under a Creative Commons license and are free to use and download. Many are peer-reviewed by professors who have used these books in their classes.
  • OpenStax viaRice University. Freely licensed textbooks available in to read online or download in multiple formats, including some classroom resources as well.
  • Open SUNY Textbooks via State University of New York. An open access publishing initiative by SUNY Libraries, these books are written and peer-reviewed by faculty and fall under a Creative Commons license. 
  • MERLOT II by California State University. A catalog of open textbook materials from various sources. To find open materials, limit the material type to "Open Textbook" 
  • OER Commons. Offers a comprehensive infrastructure and search tool for curriculum experts and instructors to identify high-quality OERs.
  • Directory of Open Access Books. This directory includes peer-reviewed books published under open access licenses by academic publishers 
  • The Global Text Project by the University of Georgia and the University of Denver Publishing books under Creative Commons, this project specializes in creating free online books for developing nations.
  • InTechOpen. Boasting a collection of nearly 3,000 open books, InTech is the world's largest science, technology, and medicine open access book publisher and encourages teachers to use their materials in the classroom.


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