Create Open Books

We provide support and solutions for UC Berkeley authors to create, publish, host, and find open textbooks and other online works for use in the classroom and beyond.


In Spring 2018, we began piloting PressbooksEDU to offer easy-to-use digital-publishing software for anyone with an active email address via the UC Berkeley Open Book Publishing Platform. Pressbooks features professionally-designed templates, flexible and customizable licensing, and tools to maximize accessibility.

Other platforms

In addition to piloting Pressbooks, we are working to develop a platform-agnostic space to host and feature UC Berkeley-created open books made with any number of different digital publishing tools, such as GitBooks, Share LaTeX, Overleaf, and Scalar. We are committed to supporting and providing a full suite of publishing options to meet as many disciplinary and technical needs as possible.

Need support?

Contact us to discuss which publishing platform might be best for your project.