Introduction to CALIPR

CALIPR is a powerful instrument for compiling and manipulating data to determine the preservation needs of collections. This website leads the user through the design and implementation of a preservation needs assessment survey using the CALIPR program.

Understanding collection needs is the starting place for development of a comprehensive preservation program. CALIPR has been designed to enable institutions without preservation expertise on their staffs to assess the preservation needs of paper-based and audio/visual collections.

Using a random sample drawn from the collections, CALIPR assesses, in general terms, what preservation needs to be done; if preservation programming already is in place, CALIPR identifies what further work needs to be done to address unmet needs. CALIPR compiles the sample data and generates a management report to provide important insights into the needs of collections as a whole and to those parts of collections of greatest value and at greatest risk of damage and loss.

Following an assessment of collection needs, the preservation planner must evaluate the feasibility of meeting those needs in terms of an institution's technical and management capability, as well as available financial and human resources. The results of a feasibility study, coupled with the CALIPR needs assessment survey, yield a preservation program strategy that is a realistic management approach to developing a preservation program tailored to the needs of the institution and responsive to opportunities and limitations of resources. For more information about preservation planning and programming, consult sources listed in "CALIPR help" under Tools.

The California Preservation Program (, funded by the California State Library, provides preservation expertise and assistance to all California libraries and archives to help ensure the survival of the State’s documentary heritage. If you would like assistance with a feasibility study, send a request to One of the librarians and archivists participating in the California Preservation Program will respond to your request for assistance.

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