Shrouded in Mysteries


A Checklist of Golden Gate Bridge Covers

Note: This list does not attempt to record every edition of every book with the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover. Numerous reprints, including paperback editions, large-print editions, foreign editions, etc., also utilize the bridge in cover designs. Reprint editions have only been noted when the first edition did not employ the bridge on the cover. But, for the collector, this is an excellent place to start ...

Abramson, Mark
Beach Reading (Lethe Press, 2008)
Snowman (Lethe Press, 2010)
California Dreamers (Lethe Press, 2012)

Alverson, Charles
Goodey's Last Stand (Playboy Press, 1979) [paperback reprint]

Anderson-Minshall, Diane, and Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Blind Leap (Bold Strokes Books, 2007)

Armstrong, Campbell
Concert of Ghosts (HarperCollins, 1993)

Babula, William
St. John's Bestiary (Write Way, 1994)

Berlinski, David
A Clean Sweep (St. Martin's Press, 1993)
The Body Shop (St. Martin's Press, 1996)

Berndt, Holger
Hedge Fund (Unfungible Books, 2009)

Bianchi, Eugene C.
The Bishop of San Francisco (AuthorHouse, 2005)

Blanchard, Richard
Mounted in the City by the Bay (Forever Fine Art, 1998)

Boucher, Anthony
The Casebook of Gregory Hood (Crippen & Landru, 2009)

Bowman, Robert J.
The Screaming Buddha (St. Martin's Press, 1994)

Brezenoff, Steven
The Crook Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (Stone Arch Books, 2010)

Brody, Irene
Winners Bitch (Malpensa Press, 2001)

Bruno, Anthony
Hot Fudge (Forge, 2000)

Buffa, D.W.
Trial by Fire (Putnam, 2005)

Byrd, Max
California Thriller (Bantam, 1981)

Cadenasso, Silvio
The Bridge (PublishAmerica, 2004)

Carlisle, Kate
The Lies that Bind (Obsidian, 2010)

Coulter, Catherine
The Maze (Putnam, 1997)
Eleventh Hour (Putnam, 2002)

Crane, Frances
Death-Wish Green (Random House, 1960)

Crosby, Ellen
The Sauvignon Secret (Scribner, 2011)

Davis, Kenn
Blood of Poets (Fawcett, 1990)

Dold, Gaylord
Schedule Two (St. Martin's Press, 1996)

Dolinsky, Mike
Golden Gate Caper (Dell, 1976)

Dunlap, Susan
Power Slide (Counterpoint, 2010)

Farquhar, Wayne
Blood Over Badge (3L Publishing, 2010)

Flynn, Jay
Blood on Frisco Bay (Leisure Books, 1976)

Fraser, Elise
The Mystery of the Star Sapphire (Zondervan, 1961)

Gabrych, Andersen, and Brad Rader
Fogtown (Vertigo Crime, 2010)

Gangcuangco, Ireneo D.
Beyond Golden Gate Bridge (Creative Arts, 2000)

Gardiner, Meg
The Memory Collector (Signet, 2010) [paperback reprint]

Gessner, Peter
The Big Hello and the Long Goodbye (Hilliard & Harris, 2007)

Gibson, William
All Tomorrow's Parties (Putnam, 1999)

Ginsberg, Debra
Blind Submission (Shaye Areheart Books, 2006)

Goldberg, Lee
Mr. Monk Gets Even (New American Library, 2012)

Gores, Joe
Contract Null & Void (Mysterious Press, 1996)

Goulart, Ron
Dead Flowers (Plus One Press, 2012)

Grabien, Deborah
After Things Fell Apart (Ace, 1977)

Grant, M.C.
Angel With a Bullet (Midnight Ink, 2012)

Greenleaf, Stephen
Grave Error (Ballantine, 1982) [paperback reprint]

Gross, Leonard
Strangers at the Gate (Random House, 1995)

Gulli, Andrew, and Lamia Gulli, eds.
No Rest for the Dead (Simon & Schuster, 2011)

Hale, Rebecca M.
How to Tail a Cat (Berkley Prime Crime, 2012)

Harper, Paul
Pacific Heights (Holt, 2011)

Harrison, Stuart
Better Than This (HarperCollins, 2002)

Hartman, Dane
City of Blood (Warner Books, 1982)

Higgins, Charlotte
Blue Monday (Sky Ladder Press, 1996)

Hilborne, Jenny
Madness and Murder (Echelon Press, 2010)
No Alibi (Echelon Press, 2011)

Hill, Bonnie Hearn
Cutline (MIRA, 2006)

Holmes, Rupert
Swing (Random House, 2005)

Holtzer, Susan
Better Than Sex (St. Martin's Minotaur, 2001)

Jacobs, Jonnie
Murder Among Neighbors (Kensington, 1994)
Intent to Harm (Kensington, 2003)

Jacobs, Nancy Baker 
Double or Nothing (Five Star, 2001) 

Jayne, Hannah
Under Wraps (Kensington, 2011)

Jones, Proctor
Ransom of the Golden Bridge (P. Jones Pub. Co., 1983)

Kennealy, Jerry
The Conductor (Headline, 1995; Signet, 1996)
The Suspect (Onyx, 1998)
The Other Eye (Onyx, 2000)

King, Laurie R.
The Art of Detection (Bantam Dell, 2006)

Landes, Paul H., and K. Rogers
Wings to Redemption (Hunter and Gatherer Pub. Co., 2012)

Lantigua, John
Heat Lightning (Warner Books, 1989) [paperback reprint]

Laurie, Victoria
Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Obsidian, 2009)

Lescroart, John
Dead Irish (D.I. Fine, 1989)
The Mercy Rule (Delacorte , 1998)
Nothing But the Truth (Delacorte, 1999)

Lucke, Margaret
A Relative Stranger (St. Martin's Press, 1991)

MacLean, Alistair
The Golden Gate (Doubleday, 1976)

McGuire, Bob
The Gate (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 1997)

Maiman, Jaye
I Left My Heart (Naiad Press, 1991)

Maleeny, Tim
Beating the Babushka (Poisoned Pen Press, 2011) [reprint]

Maney, Mabel
The Case of the Not-So-Nice-Nurse (Cleis Press, 1993)

Marlow, John Robert
Nano (Forge, 2004)

Marlowe, Derek
Somebody's Sister (Viking Press, 1974)

Marsh, Carole
The Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge (Gallopade International/Carole Marsh Books, 2008)

Matera, Lia
Where Lawyers Fear to Tread (Bantam, 1987)
Prior Convictions (Simon & Schuster, 1991)

Mersereau, John
Murder Loves Company (Lippincott, 1940)

Messel, Greg
Deadly Plunge (Sunbreaks, 2012)

Miller, John A.
Causes of Action (Pocket Books, 1999)

Mitchell, Kirk
With Siberia Comes a Chill (St. Martin's Press, 1990)

Mofina, Rick
If Angels Fall (Pinnacle, 2000) Be Mine (Pinnacle, 2004)

Muller, Marcia
Dead Midnight (Mysterious Press, 2002)
Somewhere in the City (Pegasus Books, 2007)
Locked In (Grand Central, 2009)
Coming Back (Grand Central, 2010)
City of Whispers (Grand Central, 2011)

Nava, Michael
The Little Death (Alyson, 1986)

Nisbet, Jim
The Gourmet (Pinnacle, 1981)

Patterson, James
1st to Die (Little, Brown, 2001)

Perison, Eben Paul
The Seventh Sin (Onyx, 2000)

Phillips, Clyde
Fall From Grace (Morrow, 1998)

Potter, Jerry Allen
If I Should Die Before I Wake (Fawcett, 1981)

Pronzini, Bill
Small Felonies (St. Martin's Press, 1988)
Betrayers (Forge, 2010)

Pronzini, Bill, and Collin Wilcox
Twospot (Putnam, 1978)

Randall, Gregory C.
Containers For Death (Windsor Hill, 2011)

Reiss, Kathryn
PaperQuake (Harcourt, 1998)

Riesenberg, Felix, Jr.
Waterfront Reporter (Rand McNally, 1950)

Rigsby, Howard 
Murder for the Holidays (Morrow, 1951)

Robeson, Kenneth
The Death Machine (Warner Paperback Library, 1975)

Robinson, Frank M.
Waiting (TOR, 2000) [paperback reprint]

Russell, Kath
A Pointed Death (self-published, 2010)

Ryan, Andie
Shakedown (Lenox Road, 2009)

Sanra, Nancy
No Escape (Rising Tide Press, 1998)

Schwartz, Stephen Jay
Beat (Forge, 2010)

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective (Dell Yearling, 2002)

Siegel, Sheldon
Judgment Day (MacAdam/Cage, 2008)

Sims, George
Hunter's Point (Penguin, 1976)

Smith, Julie
Death Turns a Trick (Walker, 1982)

Sturman, Jennifer
The Hunt (Red Dress Ink, 2007)

Swanson, Cheryl
Death Game (Zumaya, 2006)

Swierczynski, Duane
Hell & Gone (Mulholland Books, 2011)

Taylor, Samuel W.
The Grinning Gismo (Hodder and Stoughton, 1952) [British edition]

Vardeman, Robert E.
The Screaming Knife (Avon, 1990)
The Resonance of Blood (Avon Books, 1992)

Vining, Dan
The Next (Berkley Prime Crime, 2006)

Warner, Ralph E., and Toni Ihara
Murder on the Air (Nolo Press, 1984)

Wehen, Joy De Weese
Stranger at Golden Hill (Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1961)

Weiss, Mike
No Go on Jackson Street (Scribner's, 1987)

White, Gloria
Murder on the Run (Dell, 1991)

Wiecek, Michael
Exit Strategy (Jove, 2005)

Wilcox, Collin
Hire a Hangman (Holt, 1991)

Willeford, Charles
High Priest of California/Wild Wives (Re/Search, 1987)

Williams, Brad, and J.W. Ehrlich
A Conflict of Interest (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971)

Wonderling, Larry
The Ultimate Evil (Cape Foundation, 2005)

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Poison Fruit (Jove, 1991)

Zimmerman, Bruce
Blood Under the Bridge (Harper & Row, 1989)