Shrouded in Mysteries


"Shrouded in Mysteries" is an exhibit of The Bancroft Library at the University of California. The majority of the book covers included here are from the Bancroft's extensive collection of mystery novels set in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Exhibit Credits

Curator/Photograph on opening page: Randal S. Brandt
Design, image scanning, & technical support: Regena Rosati
Muse: Maria Brandt

Special thanks to Peter Busch for providing scans of several elusive covers and to John Kupersmith, who many years ago asked me a question, to which I had no answer: "So, how many mysteries have the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover?"

To learn more about Bay Area mystery, detective, and crime fiction, please visit Golden Gate Mysteries, an online annotated bibliography of nearly 1,900 titles.

~ Randal S. Brandt, May 2012