This exhibit was truly a group effort with representatives from many campus libraries and departments contributing to the highly interdisciplinary subject that is sex ed. In particular, the curators wish to thank the following individuals -- at UC Berkeley and beyond -- for their assistance:

Lillian Castillo-Speed, Claudia Covello, James Church, Jenna Gaarde, Sarah Gamble, Karen Gee, Gill Gualtieri, Alicia Harris, Dana Jemison, Dan Johnston, Lorna Kirwan, Julia Kochi, Cathy Kodama, Tom Laqueur, Brian Light, Paul Lynch, Martha Little, Damaris Moore, Kathryn Neal, Tobirus Newby, Nancy Ong, Gail Persily, Emily Ramos, Alix Schwartz, Kerry Scott, Sarah Troy, Lupe Villegas, Jutta Weimoff, David Wong

A special thanks to Aisha Hamilton, Exhibits and Environmental Graphics Coordinator,  for expertly presenting the material in this exhibit. Thanks also to Gisèle Tanasse who curated and edited the video loop.

Exhibit curators:

William Benemann, Susan Edwards, Julie Lefevre, Robin Mills, Jesse Silva, Margaret Phillips, Michael Sholinbeck