A Place at the Table

A Gathering of LGBT Text, Image & Voice

You have been invited to a grand party. Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are your hosts.  Gathered in one room are over 150 years of Americans embodying a rainbow of diversity who have one thing in common: a non-normative sexual orientation. Here you will encounter lesbians and bisexuals and gay men. You will find individuals who self-identify as transgender, queer, polyamorous, questioning â and none of the above. Here are the old and the young of many races and ethnicities. In text, image and voice these Americans have taken their unique and often difficult life experiences and have transmuted them into beautiful and fierce art. In 1919 a Crow Indian named Woman Jim explained life as a berdache in four words: âThat is my road.â  For the LGBT guests at this party â the poets and the novelists, the cartoonists and the classical composers, the drag queens and the blues singers, the starving artists and the superstars â this is their road.


Exhibition presented by the Friends of the Bancroft Library and the Division of Equity & Inclusion, UC Berkeley