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December 1995

  • Reduce, reduce, reduce! What are we, the Jenny Craig of the Library world? Are my Elvis plate collection and waistline the only things bulking up around here this holiday season? Find out more about the Library's slimming regime in the latest Jane Fonda-endorsed Academic Services Planning Group planning update [this page removed from the server].

  • Good news for researchers who need help finding the perfect long-winded, incomprehensible, intellectually bloated article about the raging controversy over paper vs. plastic. Michelle Turner has done a terrific job of marking up the Gopher version of the Current Contents guide. Update your links people!

  • You're drinking 10 glasses of water a day, getting plenty of rest, going to the gym 3 days a week, and you haven't ingested anything containing more than 3 grams of fat since the Bush administration. Yet you still feel like how Howard Stern looks, on a good day. What to do? Check out Debbie Jan's fabulous new collection of internet links to health resources. You'll feel better, I promise.

  • Those dysfunctional adult children in Washington have let us down again. But America's crack team of government documents librarians (fresh from a recent conference near Graceland), are on the job, making sense of the double-talk generated by these and other public servants. If you'd like to find out what jingles these cats' bells, dive into Resources of Use to Government Documents Librarians, compiled by Andrea Sevetson. Go ahead, you know you want to.

  • Sometimes I just can't get riled up about the latest embarrassing fiasco perpetuated by the dunderheads in our nation's capitol. Instead, I like to get ticked off about what's going on here at home, in climately-challenged California. To assist me in my quest for the inside scoop on the Golden State, I can now tune in to California Planning Resources courtesy of Debby Sommer.

  • Have you been looking for maps in all the wrong places? Get with it cowboys and girls and head over to Maps of Nicaragua 1965-1987: a cartobibliography.

  • Not one to miss a hip trend, Beth Sibley has hopped aboard the reorganization bandwagon. Women's Studies and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies now have separate, but equal homes on the Library Web. Transgender? Exsqueeze me?

November 1995

  • Wondering why you've been craving Tang and peanut butter flavored Space Food Sticks? No, it's not because Carl Sagan has mastered mind control and has billions and billions of us in his power. It's because you've sensed the cosmic energy flux caused by 1) William Shatner's new hair piece, and 2) the emergence of the very exciting Astronomy/Mathematics/Statistics Library home page! The graphics are gorgeous, the astronomy links are mesmerizing, and the math and stat links are, well, uh, numerical.

  • I won't be a bit suprised if Architectural Features, 2nd Floor, Doe Library - GSSI turns up on a few "What's Cool" lists. It's truly an impressive piece of design and composition on the part of Mary Scott and Christof Galli. I just hope they follow up this superlative effort with a video clip of trapped doves dropping bombs all over the GSSI collection, and monster-sized painting!

  • I was just going crazy with anticipation waiting for the County and City Data Book on CD-ROM Quick Guide to make it's way onto the Library Web. Please Christof, don't string me along like that again. I'm not a well woman.

  • Come on, everybody say it together ... Euuuuuu! What's the world coming to? EuroDisney's showing a profit ahead of schedule, and the European Union (EU) wants to tell you all about its principle organs. This site is chocked full of fab info, words that make you spit (e.g. Maastricht), and nifty graphics. Open a box of California wine, you might be here awhile ...

  • I don't usually like to talk about constipation in such a public forum, but it sure is good to see that General Social Science resources have migrated from the gopher to the Web!

  • At this moment, there are 800,000 non-essential federal workers, back at work, and in need of a hug. Their collective self esteem has reached an all time low. Gun stores have closed their doors today, just to be on the safe side. Not even John Bradshaw's inner child could perk up this sorry bunch. So it's a good thing for us that our federal colleagues cranked out the1980 Census before Congress and The Prez got their number!

  • Folks who work on reference desks can FINALLY easily answer what must surely be their most frequently asked questions ... "What are your Slavic and Eastern European holdings in the Chemistry Library? In the Education-Psychology Library? In the Engineering Library? In the Map Library? In the Astronomy/Math/Statistics Library? In the Pacific Film Archive? In the Physics Library? Allan, your collegues thank you.

October 1995

  • Do you think that the Engineering Library should spend more of its acquisition budget on books about the structural design of the air and gas ducts in Graceland? Well I do, and thanks to Jeanne Fong I can now electronically send my acquisition suggestions to the Engineering Library, instead of scribbling notes to Camille Wanat on cocktail napkins! Experience ENGI's Book Purchase Recommendation Form for yourself. Tell Jeanne that Elvis sent you.

  • Watch out Antonio Banderas, Gary Handman's coming to town! That's right, our own cure for the media impaired will be doing his thing November 6-10 at the Media in Academic Libraries conference in Barcelona, Spain. Senor Banderas is scheduled to give the keynote address entitled "1001 uses of Brillcreme, and why I agreed to act in a Sylvester Stallone film."

  • I'm feeling sultry and passionate already! First Antonio-Net, now IBERIA. Come on, everybody topless!

  • Can't afford a trip to the cradle of stinky cheese and depressing black and white flicks? Then join me in a digital jaunt to the Western European Studies page. Berets, as always, are optional.

  • I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of Ralph's Academic Services Planning Goup planning updates. But beware, the latest installment, Planning Update - October 18, 1995, includes gratuitous usage of the words "clustering," "postulates," and "tottering." [this page removed from the server].

October 1995

  • Suzanne McMahon of SSEALS has now made it easier for us to broaden our horizons and visit exotic places. Consult the Fall 1995 Calendar of Events for the Center for South Asia Studies before you buy those outrageously expensive Billy Ray Cyrus tickets!

  • O.K., a student comes to your library's reference desk and tells you that she has to write a paper on the political socio-economic ramifications of Elvis' death with regards to the New York Stock Exchange. Where do you start looking for information? GSSI has given this a great deal of thought, and I must say that Selected Social Science Indexes/Abstracts and Databases gives librarians and patrons a useful information-seeking advantage.

  • Suposedly the truth is out there. But can you handle the truth? No? Then take a peek at the full-text version of materials published by the Government Printing Office. I can't guarantee that you'll find an ex-Senator's repulsive diaries there, but Andrea Sevetson has guaranteed that you'll be treated to the cutest bears this side of Oskie!

  • Before you sink your life savings into marketing the world's first water-powered computer in Lichtenstein, consult Pat Maughan's Berkeley Business Guide #22 International Business Research. You'll thank me later.

  • Our mighty Map Room cowboy, John Creaser has been adding goodies to the Library Web at a break-neck pace. He really deserves his own Whats-New page... Not! Recently John has added new ways to digitally figure out where the heck you are on this crazy planet. Map Images in the Eart Science Collection is a good place to begin your quest. GEOREF: The Bibliography and Index of Geology has been sighted on the Web, as well as Geological Surveys & Natural Resources Departments, Associations & Societies around the world. Dig it?

  • Although the dust has yet to settle, new Library organization charts are available from the Staff Materials page.

  • The Librarian's Association of the Univ. of California (LAUC) has made available information on UC Research Grants for Librarians

September 1995

August 1995

July 1995

  • The Engineering Library has unveiled its well-developed Web presence. Of particular interest are documents on how to find standards and technical reports.

  • The Earth Sciences and Map Library has begun to mount some of their maps on the Library Web. In the future, map images on-line will develop into a descriptive as well as visual tour of many of the cartographic images available in their collection. So far, they have added sections on Topographic maps, Nautical charts and Facsimile maps.

  • The Near Eastern Collections page is now available, which points to the well-developed Islamica page and the Hebraica/Judaica page.

  • The Library Staff Directory is now up on the web, in order by: Name and Unit.

    To make the "By Name" directory easier to use while also automating the markup, Alvin Pollock creating a script to take the plain text directory and make a much more useable Web page. Thanks Alvin!

  • Contributing information to the Library Web just became much easier with the introduction of the Minimal Markup Form. You may use this form to quickly create a Web document from simple text (which can be easily copied and pasted from a WordPerfect document).

  • To provide more information regarding the reorganization of the Library, Access Services has made some of its planning documents available, specifically the Access Services Strategic Plan and the Access Services Organization Chart

  • New items on the Chemistry Library pages include:
    Pointers to Chemical Societies & Publishers on the Internet
    Pointers to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Journals on the Internet
    How to find Information of Chemical Compounds
    Hildebrand Hall with autobiographical information on Prof. Joel Hildebrand, text and images of the Hildebrand Tapestry, and Hildebrand sculpture.

June 1995

  • The South/Southeast Asia Library has a much-expanded and updated presence, particulary in support of the South Asia collections. Suzanne McMahon put it together, along with graphics assistance from Mary Scott of the Graphics Office.

  • A new item in support of Library Web development is a new Minimal Markup Template that allows data owners to drop their text between a set of PRE (pre-formatted text) tags, add a title, a header, and their name and leave it at that. This will soon be followed with an even easier way to be a Web author! (Stay tuned)

  • Our sister Web site, for the InfoPeople Project, has mounted the California Library Directory, a very useful directory of California public library facilities. Information for each library and branch includes the address, telephone, fax, number of people served, and often other information such as the hours, etc.

  • The UCB Geographic Information Systems Task Force has a well-developed Web presence in support of their work, developed by Steve Morris of the Institute of Transportation Studies Library. Vivienne Roumani-Denn of the Earth Sciences and Map Library is the chair of the task force.

June 1995

May 1995

  • Pages highlighting the Institute for the Recruitment, Development and (Re)Training of Minorities for Academic Librarianship and the talented participants in that program.

  • Snazzy new presence for the Physics Library, that reflects a lot of work by Naheed Zaheer, one of the participants in the above program.

  • New section on the Library Staff page, called "Library Resources on the Internet". Subsections include resources specific to Acquisition, Cataloging, and Serials. More to come.

  • A new Search the Internet page, which links to several of the most responsive and effective Internet search engines.

April 1995

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