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December 1999

November 1999

  • Coming soon! UC Berkeley AIDS Memorial design competition and Web site. The University of California, Berkeley AIDS Memorial Committee will soon officially announce that it is sponsoring an architecture and/or landscape architecture competition to design a memorial to the Berkeley students,  faculty, staff and alumni who have died in the international AIDS epidemic. The memorial will be a permanent commemoration of our community's loss, and a symbol of Berkeley's continued involvement and activity in the struggle against AIDS.  After the winning design is chosen by a panel of judges, the Committee will work with campus Planning, Design & Construction to develop the details for the proposed site, and with the Library Development Office to raise the funds to create the memorial.

    The AIDS Memorial Committee has chosen for the site of the AIDS Memorial an open air light court within the Doe Library.  The light court was formed in 1949 at the time that the Library Annex was added to the original 1911 Doe Library building.  The light court currently contains
    boxed plantings, but its entrance door is usually locked, and the space is at this time inaccessible to the public.   It may be viewed through several large windows along the first floor corridor, the primary public corridor linking the south entrance of the Library to the circulation area and stack entrance.

  • Morrison Library Inaugural Lecture - Prof. Linda Rugg of Berkeley's Scandinavian Department will present her Morrison Library Inaugural Lecture at 4 pm in the Morrison Library; the public is cordially invited to attend. Prof. Rugg's presentation is entitled Male Reproductive Rights: Mark Twain, August Strindberg, and Literary Paternity, and will be followed by a reception in honor of the lecturer.

  • The Townsend Working Group for Computers and the Humanities presents Martha Nell Smith "Poetics of the Dickinson Electronic Archives & Beyond"
    Friday, November 5, 10-noon
    Social Welfare Library, 227 Haviland Hall

October 1999

  • The Townsend Working Group for Computers and the Humanities presents Ken Whistler with Joan Aliprand: "An Introduction to the Unicode Standard."
    Thursday, October 21, 4-6 p.m.
    Stone Seminar Room, The Bancroft Library

    Problems in getting various scripts to display, print, and be correctly transmitted electronically over the Internet and World Wide Web have plagued communication in the humanities in the past. The Unicode Standard provides the solid foundation needed so that text can be transmitted between any platform and across any geographical or language boundaries. Unicode is a standardized universal set of character encodings which aims to ultimately cover all the world's principal scripts, including ancient and modern languages, as well as scientific notation. It offers a simple and efficient approach to special and modified characters and is increasingly being implemented in software applications. The incorporation of Unicode in projects that make text in multiple languages accessible on the WWW is a desideratum.

    This talk will be of interest to those whose work involves using a variety of scripts, including faculty, staff, and students in foreign language departments, The Library, international software development, and the sciences. Further information on Unicode is available at:

  • The Berkeley Writers at Work Series presents an interview with Alan Dundes, Professor of Anthropology and Folklore Thursday, October 14, noon to 1:30 in the Morrison Library, 101 Main Library. The event is free and open to faculty, staff, students, and the public.  No reservations are needed.

    The Berkeley Writers at work series highlights campus faculty who are well-known for their writing.  It provides an opportunity for them to talk about their writing process, rather than the content of their work: how do they get ideas? how much do they draft? revise?  who else reads their work before it's published? what's important in writing for them? and so on.

    Alan Dundes is one of the foremost folklorists in the United States and author of numerous books on folklore, from case studies of Cinderella and Vampires, to "Life is Like a Chicken Coop Ladder:  A Study of German National Character through Folklore," and a series of collections of "Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire," including "When You're Up to Your Ass in Alligators."

  • The Reference Reading Room on the 2nd floor of Doe Library has re-opened!  The Reading Room will be routinely accessible Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 1pm-10pm (all hours that the Doe Library is open). The Reading Room is for individual quiet study only. Group study is welcome in the area outside of the Reading Room.

September 1999

  •  In conjunction with the California Labor History exhibit now on display in the Doe Library, there will be a screening of selected parts from the video, "Golden Lands, Working Hands"
    Wed., Sept. 29 12 noon - 1pm (parts 2, 3, 5)
    Wed., Oct. 6  12 noon - 1pm (parts 7, 9, 10)
    Location: 122 Wheeler Hall

    The 10 part video series, produced by the California Federation of Teachers, documents 150 years of California labor history. It has been shown on various PBS stations and a copy is available for viewing by UC students, faculty and staff in the Media Resources Center.

    The 9/29 showing features the rise of the Workingmen's Party in the 1870s and anti-immigrant politics; contrasts union town SF with open shop LA at the turn of the century as well as covers the Oxnard Beet Workers Strike of 1903 and the first farm union led by the Japanese-Mexican labor Alliance. Also included is the Great Depression/New Deal and the SF General Strike of 1934.

    The 10/6 showing features the Oakland General Strike of 1946, the DiGiorgia farm labor strike of 1947-1950 and later the birth of the UFW; explores the expanding labor-civil rights connection, the rise of public sector unionism and the loss of industrial workers' rights; also presents current struggles for full-time work, living wages, healthcare, and dignity.

  • In celebration of Labor Day, a labor history exhibit has opened on the second floor of Doe Library (near the east entrance to GSSI).  The "Resources in California Labor History" case displays primary sources from the collections in the Doe and Bancroft libraries highlighting the role of labor in California history. The items on display include labor union constitutions and bylaws, convention proceedings, periodicals and newspapers, agreements, pamphlets, oral histories, and some manuscript materials, such as minutes, and represent labor union publications at the state, national, and international levels.

    Next to the "Resources in California Labor History" exhibit is a freestanding display of twenty-three pictures taken from the video: "Golden Lands, Working Hands," a ten-part series covering 150 years of California labor history. Produced by the California Federation of Teachers, this video presents the point of view of California's working people and their labor movement, from the early struggles to establish fair wages and conditions following the Gold Rush, through present day efforts for liveable wages, full-time permanent jobs and affordable healthcare. KQED, Channel 9, will air the documentary Monday, Sept. 6  from 3-6pm. Funding for the video was provided by CFT and other unions, the California Council for the Humanities, Kaiser Permanente, and PG&E. Curricula materials have been developed to accompany the documentary so it can be used in the schools to teach labor history.

    The exhibit was organized by Beth Sibley and Bill Whitson in GSSI.

August 1999

  • Grand opening August 23rd - Moffitt Microcomputer Facility moves to the first floor of Moffitt Library! The new site will include scanners, and soon the Student Computer Consulting Service (SCCS).

  • Grand opening August 24th - After two long years in a temporary location, the beautiful Morrison Library will re-open in its permanent location on the first floor of Doe Library's north side. Until its re-opening, Morrison books may be returned to the ILS after hours bin, 133 Doe Library.

July 1999

  • The Architecture Slide Library will be closed July 26-August 9 to move to its new temporary location in 492 Wurster Hall. We plan to reopen August 10.

June 1999

May 1999

  • The Environmental Design Library will be closed May 22-June 13 to move to its new quarters on the top (5th) floor of Moffitt Library. We plan to reopen June 14. ENVI books may continue to be returned through our book drop in 210 Wurster Hall until we receive our new book return box, which will be placed in the lobby of Moffitt. ENVI will remain in Moffitt for two years while Wurster Hall is seismically retrofit. 

  • The Map Room will be physically moving and merging with the Earth Sciences collection into the newly renovated space in the basement level of  McCone Hall. The Map Room will be closed from June 1 through June 11, reopening  June 14th. The Earth Sciences Library will remain open during our move. However, the map collections will be inaccessible.

April 1999

  • Laptop IP Service Debuts in the Main Library Stacks. Communication and Network Services (CNS) is starting a pilot version of the Laptop IP Service (LIPS) in the Main Library Stacks as a first round of testing before this service is implemented campus-wide. LIPS is a drop-in laptop service that uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to provide dynamic assignment of IP addresses for computers connected to LIPS-managed public network ports. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the service. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff can sign up for LIPS via a Web registration page. For more information about the service and how to sign up for the pilot, go to the LIPS Web site.

  • CalDay at The Library - Saturday, April 17th, 9am - 4pm. Win a borrowing card, explore exhibits, listen to a lecture, take a few tours and surf the Net!

March 1999

  • The Information Center in the Doe Library will be closed during the Spring Break, March 22-26. Patrons needing reference assistance are advised to go to GSSI (2nd floor Doe) and the Information Gateway (entryway level Moffitt). Both GSSI and the Information Gateway will be open during the Spring Break M-TH, 1-5pm.

  • Good News! Finally, after over a year of delays due to required permit approvals, the new Doe core elevator in Doe Library is open and in operation. This new ADA compliant, large size elevator connects all floors of Doe Library from the basement to the 4th floor. It is located at the SW corner of the old Doe Core. Access to the new elevator can be gained from the Doe south entry, via the south corridor (past temporary Morrison Reading Room, Book Sale Room and temporary SSEAL).  The completion and opening of the new elevator is one of the last construction issues of the Doe Core Demolition and Seismic Upgrade Project (Doe Step 2).

  • Exhibit Documents the History of Affirmative Action at UC Berkeley. The exhibit will be on display from March 1 through April 19 on the first floor of Doe Library.

  • The Research Advisory Service is back to help undergraduates! The Research Advisory Service is located in the Reference Center, 2nd floor, Doe Library. Appointments will be available Monday-Friday, 1:00 pm-5:00pm (with the last appointment at 4:30 pm) from March 1 through May 7.

  • Earth Sciences Library will close during move. The move of the Earth Sciences Library from the Wellman Trailers into the newly renovated McCone space is scheduled for March 19 through April 1, and the library will be closed during this period.

February 1999

  • GSSI has the 1998 California and Federal tax forms and instructions. The tax material is out and located near the copy machines as you enter GSSI.  Reproducible forms are also in GSSI and the CopyCenter. Come and get them!

  • Need cash?  Get it in the Library!  There is now a functioning ATM (automatic teller machine) in the lobby of Moffitt Library. Moffitt is open most days from 9:00 am to 2:00 am, but please consult the Library Web opening hours page for the most current information.

  • The Information Center and The Teaching Library are happy to announce the return of the Research Advisory Service.

    UCB undergraduates writing research papers in the humanities and social sciences may sign up for same-day, half-hour appointments with reference staff.  The Research Advisory Service is located in the Information Center, 1st floor Doe Library

    Appointments will be available:
    M-F, 1-5pm (last appointment at 4:30) from March 1 - May 7.

    If students can't make these appointment times we recommend that they ask for assistance at any reference desk.  (Info Center is open til 9pm M-Th).

January 1999

  • January 20, the California Digital Library Web site is officially released.

  • Database Advisor for Science and Engineering.  This service will help you decide which of the Libraries' 30+ science and engineering databases to use to locate the articles and other materials you need. It is designed to use a simple keyword search to determine which databases would cover that topic. 

  • Graduate Services will be closed until January 19 while the collection is being prepared for its move to 208 Doe.
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