Futuristics Exhibit Curator and Project Director: Paul Hernandez
Research: Paul Hernandez, Rita Evans
Captions and Essays: Paul Hernandez, Rita Evans, Rahul Kamath, Sean Mooney
Website design and development: Rahul Kamath

Special Thanks: Cathy Dinnean, Mary Scott, and Heather Nicholls at the Library Graphics office for assistance in the physical exhibit. Also thanks to Lisa Weber, Sheila Wekselbaum, and Janet Garey at UC-Berkeley Library Systems Office for setting up the website server and working out the SSI details.

Extra Special Thanks: ITSL staff and students, Dan Krummes, John Gallwey, Seyem Petrites, Victoria Chan, Rita Evans, Sean Mooney, Nyrie Gharibian, Amina Stolting-Sutherland, David Zlotnick, and Kosar Jahani.

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