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Zebrahead (1992)

Writer/director, Anthony Drazan. Cast: Michael Rapaport,N'Bushe Wright, Paul Butler, DeShonn Castle, Candy Ann Brown,Luke Reilly, Dan Ziskie, Kevin Corrigan, Martin Priest, RonJohnson, Ray Sharkey. A young Jewish white man begins datingthe cousin of his best friend, both of whom are black, ignitinglong simmering racial tensions at their high school. 102 min.
Reviews and articles: Ansen, David. "Zebrahead." Newsweek v120,n17 (Oct 26, 1992):66 (2 pages). Sragow, Michael. "Zebrahead." New Yorkerv68, n37 (Nov 2, 1992):101 (2 pages).