UC Berkeley Library

When East Meets East

When an aspiring Chinese actress is told in an audition "You should be more Chinese," she is confused. What exactly does it mean to be "more Chinese" for people of Asian descent who have relocated to or were born in North America? This genre-breaking documentary explores the issues of ethnic and cultural identity through interviews with some of today's most prominent Asian and Chinese American filmmakers, actors and actresses in the United States, Canada, Taiwan and China: Wayne Wang, Clara Law, William Ging Wee Dere, Yan Cui, Sandra Oh, Ning Ying, Peggy Chiao, Chen Kuo-Fu, Ho Ping, Teddy Robin, Keith Lock, Janet Yang. Excerpts from films: Double happiness -- Joy Luck Club -- Chinese chocolate -- Temptation of a monk -- Moving the mountain -- Dim Sum -- Small pleasures -- For fun -- Treasure Island -- "18". (199-?). Dist.: Films Media Group. 53 min.