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The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 5: Royalty.

Newsreels of royalty starting with the British Monarchs King George, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and The Queen Mother, including newsreel excerpts of the impressive coronation ceremony of young Queen Elizabeth. Next viewed are Prince Rainier and his wife, former film star Grace Kelly and their children. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands travels the world and addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Concludes with King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece visiting New York, followed by brief looks at the royal life of Japan, Spain, Denmark and Austria. Contents: British royalty (38 min.) -- Monaco's royalty (13 min.) -- Dutch royalty (7 min.) -- Greek royalty (3 min.) -- Japanese royalty (3 min.) -- European royalty (3 min.). 61 min. 1996.