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Television Show

The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (TV, 1956)

Cast: Glenn Gordon, Lester Matthews, Clark Howat, Carla Balenda. Based on the story by Sax Rohmer. The golden god of Dr. Fu Manchu / writer, Richard Landru director, Franklin Adreon -- The master plan of Dr. Fu Manchu / writer, Arthur Orloff ; director, William Witney. Television dramas about the villainous Chinese master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu and his nemesis Sir Nayland Smith. 60 min.

The American Cinema: The Western

Cast: clips and critical commentary on films from John Ford's seminal Stagecoach (1939), Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven (1992) through the work of Arthur Penn, Sam Peckinpah, and other important directors, the program traces the aesthetic evolution of the Western film as well as the sociological importance of the genre. 1994. 55 min.

The Bashful Buzzard (1945)

Once again, as in 'Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid (1942)' , Beaky Buzzard is sent out by his Italian-voiced Mamma to bring home something to eat. While his brothers fetch a milk cow (with farmer attached), a string of circus elephants (including a baby one brandishing a banner reading "I am NOT Dumbo") and a dog attached to a fire hydrant, Beaky manages to capture a baby bumble bee.

The Berkeley Rebels

Narrator: Harry Reasoner (CBS). Mario Savio, Clark Kerr, Sallie Learey, Ron Anastasi,Kate Coleman, Michael Rossman. A unique documentary film presenting the 1964 Free Speech Movement demonstrations and sit-in at the University of California, Berkeley through first person accounts by four students involved in the protests. Includes debates between students withdiffering viewpoints of the movement, debates between faculty and students and an overview of the impersonalacademic experience at the University which fueled the unrest. 1965? 57 min. (preservation copy)

The Big Snooze (1946)

Elmer is so fed up with chasing and never catching Bugs that he quits cartoons. He rips up his contract and makes sure "Mr. Warner" knows that he's quitting. He decides to go fishing instead of hunting. That's when he falls asleep and Bugs invades his dreams. Bugs and Elmer appear as "Rabbit and Costello" in a deranged escapade, including a spoof on Dumbo's "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence. Elmer appears in drag: "Have any of you girls ever had an experience like this?"

The Cagey Canary (1941)

A cat (not Sylvester) tries to capture a little canary bird (not Tweety), and not get caught by protective Granny.

The Daffy Doc (1938)

Doctor Quack is doing an operation, and Daffy is his assistant. Things start out sedately enough, with Daffy asking for quiet in various ways. Then the operation starts, and after handing over instruments at a ever-increasing pace, Daffy loses it and is ejected. He gets his head stuck in an iron lung, and feels the effects for a while. Daffy goes in search of a patient of his own, and Porky happens to walk by in time to fall victim to Daffy's mallet. Daffy hits himself on the head and has a consultation with the second and third image of himself.

The Film Fan (1939)

"Porky Pig is on his way to the store to pick up some groceries for his mother when he walks by a sign saying that the local movie theater is having a "kids admitted free" day. The excited Porky rushes in and views a series of spoofs of newsreels, movie trailers, feature films, and even the Lone Ranger!" [IMDBD]

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946)

While reading his favorite comic book (Dick Tracy), Daffy accidentally knocks himself unconscious and dreams that he's "Duck Twacy, famous detective," trying to solve the case of the missing piggy banks. He even crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes! Porky Pig appears briefly (in a non-speaking cameo role) as a mustachioed trolley bus driver whose vehicle bears the prominent destination sign "To Gangster Hideout." More "To Gangster Hideout" signs along the track helpfully point the way.

The Henpecked Duck (1941)

Mrs. Duck sues Daffy for divorce in Judge Porky Pig's courtroom, charging her husband with losing their egg in an abortive magic trick.