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FSM (Free Speech Movement) Project: Interview with John Searle and Persons on the Street, 1978.

John Searle, philosophy professor at the University of California, Berkeley is interviewed concerning his experiences during the Free Speech Movement which occurred in 1964 at the University of California, Berkeley. Searle analyses the objectives and outcomes of the movement and expounds upon the philosophy of the student activists. Film concludes with interviews of students on campus 15 years after these events occurred concerning the extent of their knowledge of the issues of the Free Speech Movement. 113 min.

On Apartheid.

Interview with Alan Paton. 1960. 37 min.

U.C. Student Demonstrations, 1964

Panel 1: Adrian Kragen, David Louisell, Scott Keech, Martin Roysher...[et al.]. (26 min.); Panel 2: Willie Brown, Albert Lipawsky, Marshall Krause ...[et al.] Taped response by Edmund G. Brown. Moderator: Cap Weinberger (26 min.). Pt. 3. Audience questions (21 min.). Part 1 is a panel discussion between journalists, professors, and students concerning how the press has handled and interpretated the controversies surrounding the Free Speech Movement demonstrations at the University of California, Berkeley.

Where's Mario?

Interviews with current students and others in Sproul Plaza at the University of California, Berkeley concerning their knowledge of Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement which occurred on that location in the mid 1960s. Includes historical footage of Mario Savio, Free Speech demonstrations and televised responses of university and government officials. Directed by Javier Alvarez, Lauren Espineli [UCB Student film]. 1998. 11 min.

[Kroeber, A.L.] Samuel Barrett Interviews A.L. Kroeber, 1960

Samuel Barrett, the first Ph.D in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, interviews anthropologist A.L. Kroeber, the first faculty member in the UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology. 1:09 minutes.
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[Malcolm X] Malcolm X: UC Berkeley Interview, October 1963

Malcolm X, being interviewed by Professor John Leggett and Herman Blake (graduate student) (Dept. of Sociology) at the University of California, Berkeley in October 1963, discusses being a Black Muslim, the conditions of Blacks in this country, their relation with white people, and states the case for Black separatism. Originally recorded October 11, 1963, Lecture #22, Sociology 1-A, University of California, Berkeley. 40 min.

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[Mandela, Winnie] Interview with Winnie Mandela and Nthato Motlana

An interview with South African politician Winnie Mandela and Nthato Motlana, a South African physician, concerning the divestment movement by the faculty and students of the University of California, Berkeley in protest against apartheid in South Africa. Filmed in Johannesburg, July 9, 1986. 9 min.

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[Seale, Bobby] Interview with Bobby Seale

Interview on the subject of the Black Panther Party. 16 min. NOTE: poor image and sound quality in some portions.

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