UC Berkeley Library


[Clinton, William Jefferson]Address at Zellerbach Hall, University of California at Berkeley, January 29, 2002

Opening commentary (19 min.): Robert Berdahl, Gray Davis. Former President Clinton addresses an audience at the University of California Berkeley expounding on the economic prosperity of the 1990s in the United States, saying that its lopsided nature also bred terrorism and identity politics and that an increase of financial foreign aid is needed to combat terrorism. Produced for the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of the Chancellor by Educational Technology Services, University of California at Berkeley.

[Gore, Al] Al Gore at UC Berkeley. 1997.

A town hall meeting between Vice President Al Gore and 150 UCB undergraduates investigating the need for financial aid for college students. Among issues discussed were federal scholarship programs, federal financial aid, tax credits for educational expenses, campaign reform and affirmative action. This event took place on February 19, 1997 at Krutch Auditorium, Clark Kerr Campus, University of California, Berkeley. 60 min.

[Walcott, Derek] Derek Walcott Poetry Reading

The Caribbean writer, Derek Walcott, reads selections from his own writings.This event took place on November 20, 1997 in the Maude Fife Room at the University of California, Berkeley. ; Storage Info: $B 703 507