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Commercials & Advertisements

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 4

Contents: Milton Bradley games--Man in space game--Delco batteries--Muriel cigars--Raid--Tide--Instant Maxwell House coffee--Hamm's beer--Pet Evaported milk--Maypo cereal--Andersen soups--Jello gellatin--Westinghouse clothes washer--Borden's foods--Quick home permanent--Beech-Nut chewing tobacco--Pipe tobaccos--Ivory soap--Camay soap--Jello pudding--Maxwell House coffee--Ballentine beer--Muntz TV--Silver cup bread--Pepsodent toothpaste--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee--Quick shooter hat (Roy Rogers)--Trick shot toy gun--Luck Star gumball game--Buddy L toys--Benson & Hedges cigarettes--American Airlines

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 40

Contents: Banco do Brasil (spa., 3 adds)--Ontario Hydro (2 adds)--Jornal do Brasil (spa., 3 adds)--Canadian National (3 adds)--American Airlines (spa., 3 adds)--Labatts beer (Canada, 2 adds)--Silueta shampoo (spa., 3 adds)--Valcan cologne (jap., 3 adds)--50 Ale (Canada, 3 adds)--Household cleanser (Jap., 3 adds)--TV Guide (2 adds)--Hair gel--Skin cream (3 adds)--Primatene-Asthma tablets--Anacin--Clean & Kill cleanser (2 adds)--Q-tips--gum--Simoniz floor wax--La France bleach--SOS soap pads--Galaxy floor wax (R. Marshall)--Bull Durham cigarettes--Wheaties (B.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 41

Contents: Maxim coffee--Scoop sweetener--Raisin bran--Baby powder--Monsanto fabrics (R. Petty)--Safe driving add (Automotive Safety Found.)--Maxwell House coffee--(R. Peters, 4 adds)--Handiwipes-- Pepperidge Farm cakes--Rise shaving creme (B.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 42

Contents: Previews: Bill Cosby show--Hawaii Five-O--Much Ado About Nothing--CBS News (J. Hart, 2 adds)--Sandy Duncan Show (2 adds)--Hee Haw--Last King of America--CBS horse races (2 adds)--Bellevue hospital special--Dick Van Dyke Show (2 adds)--Maude (B. Arthur, 3 adds)--Mary Tyler Moore Show--U.S. Open Tennis--Sonny & Cher Comedy Show--Carol Burnett Show--Gunsmoke (J. Arness, 2 adds)--Police surgeon--Bob Newhart Show (4 adds)--Barnaby Jones--Here's Lucy (L. Ball)--Cannon--Charlie Brown specials (2 adds)--Dr.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 43

Contents: Players pipe tobacco (bri., 2 adds)--Sulfrin shampoo (swe.)--Philips shavers (ger., 2 adds)--Remington shaver (ger.)--Rice (ger.)--Orlane cosmetics (fre., 2 adds)--Walls ice cream (bri., 3 adds)--Soap--Vesta--Vim cleanser--Eggs (bri.)--Hartley's jam (bri.)--Richmond cigarettes--Pepitas chocolate (ger.)--Puschkin drink (ger.)--Findus fillets (ger.)--Mazola oil--Jacob's crackers (bri., 2 adds)--Marmite jam (bri.)--Gluck milk (ger.)--Toffee candy (bri.)--Maggi soup (fre., 3 adds)--Milk (bri.)--Knorr soups (bri., 2 adds)--Sanagola (swe., 2 adds)--Campbells soups--Olive oil (Ita.)--Coo

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 44

Contents: Post cereals (16 adds., 3 with trading card offers, S. Huff, R. Maris, J. Arnett)--Marx Wacky walking toys--Marx Big shot cannon--Susy Smart doll--Jimmy Jet (2 adds)--Marx Penny the poodle--Marx Big Loo talking robot--Kool Aid (5 adds)--Pillsbury cookie dough--Mattel's Barbie dolls, fashion shop & dream House (7 adds)--Mattel's spy detector game--Mattel's Vroom bicycle--Magnetel game--Feeley Meeley game--Animal twister game--Fritos corn chips--Jungle book toys--Kelloggs cereal (4 adds)--Jiffy popcorn (R. Buzzie, 2 adds)--Pub. serv.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 45

Contents: Post cereals (3 adds)--Marx Big Bruiser toy--Mattel dolls (2 adds)--Kellogg's cereals--Shake-a-puddin--"The Flying Nun" (S. Field)--Mattel's Vrroom tricycles--Gum (2 adds)--"Hootenanny"--Physical exercise promo. (J. Glenn)--"Jetsons"--Kool Aid--Candy bar (J. Brown)--"No Time for Sargeants"--"Wendy & Me" (G. Burns)--"Bing Crosby Show"--"Magic Land of Allakazam"--"Father Knows Best"--Wildroot hair dressing--Anacin--Salada tea-- U.S.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 46

Contents: Previews: "Dan August"--Gro-Pup dog food--Purina dog chow--Dial soap (5 adds)--Dial deodorant--Maybelline--Dole bananas--Happy soup (3 adds, Micky Mouse)--Cheetos--Diet Pepsi--V-8 juice--Kool-Aid--Glass wax--Barbie dolls--General Mills cereals (5 adds, Bulwinkle)--Racko game--Easy money game--Anacin--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee--Post cereals--Sugar Daddy candy--Wizard toys--Love & her friends dolls--Tootsie pops--Mars candy--Kellogg's cereals (2 adds, Tony the tiger)--Post cereals (2 adds)--Cream of wheat--Pop-tarts--Close-up toothpaste (2 adds)--Kodak film--Kodak instamatic--Peanuts--Mar

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 5

Contents: Lionel science sets--General Mills foods--Tickle doll--Old Gold cigarettes (D. James)--Newport cigarettes--Gas appliances (B. Crosby)--Old Gold cigarettes--Goodyear tires--Newport cigarettes--Luster Creme shampoo (J. Blair)--American Airlines--Benson & Hedges cigarettes--Cherrios--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke, M.T.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 6

Contents: Pie face game--GI Joe--Hasbro Sugarplum toys--Color writer--Hasbro snocone machine--Hasbro ice cream machine--Hasbro talking telephones--RCA Victor phonograph recordings--RCA Victorola 45 phonograph--Dentyne gum--Handi-wrap--Crest toothpaste--Prell shampoo--Kellogg's puffa puffa rice cereal--Kellog's corn flakes (J. Durante)--Royal Shake-a-pudd'n--Planters peanuts--Clearasil--Lavoris mouthwash--Bufferin--Alka Seltzer--Charmin bathroom tissues (H. Lembeck)--Ry Krisp--Bufferin (J.