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Commercials & Advertisements

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 20

Contents: Utica Club beer--Chevron home heating fuels--Remington electric shavers--Nabisco sip n' chips snacks --Chesterfield menthol cigarettes--Glade airfreshner (B.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 21

Contents: Betty Crocker Valencia rice mix--Volkswagen--Goodyear tires--Van Heusen men's shirts--Aunt Jemima pancake mix--Great Western Savings--Country Club malt liquor--Frosted Flakes (A. West)--Cheerios--Chrysler cars--White Owl cigars--Cashmere bouquet bath powder--Breck shampoo--Mennen aftershave--Ever Sweet orange juice--Dupont anti-icer--Centura Corning Wear dishes--Kodak cameras and film--Kaiser aluminum foil--Milk Bone dog snacks--Allerest--"Read" (public service announcement by National Book Committee, Amer.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 22

Contents: Gas ranges--Parker Touche pen--Volkswagen--PG&E clothes dryer--Goodyear tires--Westinghouse dishwasher (Eve Arden)--Spud cigarettes--Sunset Stores--U.S.S. Glacier icebreaker at the North Pole with Westinghouse engines--Alka-Seltzer (2 adds)--Colgate toothpaste--Halo shampoo (cartoon)--Wild-root Cream Oil for men (5 adds)--Johnson's baby shampoo--Betty Crocker cakes (2 adds)--Cherrios cereal (4 adds)--"Space Patrol" TV program promotes 8 Chex cereal adds and a March of Dimes promotion (Jack Narz)--Slinky toys (3 adds)--Campbell soups (3 adds)--Hertz rental cars (O.J.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 23

Contents: Cap n' crunch cereal--Mattel's mini dragon Thing maker toy--Mattell's Barbi doll--Shake-a-puddin--Kellogg's cereals--Puffa puffa rice cereal--Nabisco toastettes--Cookie man--Cherrios (Bulwinkle cartoon)--Frosty O's--Mattel's M-16 rifle--Mattel's dolls--Whistle's snack--Mattel's incredible edible toy--Mattell's baby firststep doll--Nabisco cereal--Sugar Mama candy--Ideal action highway toy--Ideal super city--Kellogg's sugar smacks--Halo shampoo (E.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 24

Contents: Westinghouse TV--Hertz rental cars (3 adds)--IBM typewriters--Tonka toys (6 adds)--Vademecum toothpaste--Salada tea--Centura tableware--Country Club malt beer--Volvo cars--All Spice men's products--Doctor's choice dog food (2 adds)--Rolla Print (N. Wood)--"Operation Mad Ball" motion picture (E. Kovacs)--Tri-Nut margarine--Roosevelt Raceway--Ladies Home Journal Magazine--Buster Brown shoes and slippers (2 adds)--Admiral refrigerators--Gleem toothpaste (H. O'Brian)--early cooking show--Gold Medal flour--RCA Silverama TV (V.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 25

Contents: "Join the Navy"--Beechnut gum--Saltine Crackers--Borden's coffee--RCA stoves--Aluminum soda cans--Lark cigarettes (2 adds)--Braille telephone book for the blind--Nabisco graham crackers--RCA Victor televisions--"Don't go near the water" motion picture (M. Shaughnessy)--Fitzgerald beer--Blatz beer (3 adds)--"The Morning Show"( J. Paar, 2 adds)--Bemco Mattresses (2 adds)--Nissen bread--Atlantic gasoline--Tintair hair lightner--RCA stoves (V. Monroe)--Nabisco cereals--Kasco dogfood--2 adds in Japanese--RCA clock radio--Sealtest dairy products (D.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 26

Contents: King Zor toy--Nabisco cereals--1965 Dodge Coronet--Exlax--Van Huesen shirts--Playtex gloves--Swanson TV dinners (2 adds)--Support hose (2 adds)--Dapper Dan tire repair--Aquaduct (race track)--Pall Mall cigarettes--Minute Rice--Lady Esquire shoe coloring--Wildroot hair groom--Nabisco cereals (Marry Poppins)--Soakie toys (2 adds)--Spring cigarettes--Big shot toy--E-Z weaver toy--Budding beauty toy vanity--Big Bruiser toy truck--Duncan yo-yos--P.F. shoes--Sticky fingers toy--Teflon quickie pie--Buster Brown shoes--1965 Chevrolet car--Ringling Bros & Barnum and Baily circus (V.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 27

Contents: Farmer John meats (Tom Kennedy)--Aristo cold storage for clothing--Remco Wiresell toy radio--Flavor straws--Cocoa Marsh--Electric trains (Lee Reynolds, 3 adds)--Emenee electric organ (Sonny Fox)--Three stage rocket toy (Billy Johnson)--Sardo bath oil--Milt Grant Show and TV Record Hop (M. Grant, 2 adds)--TV weather show (Jean Ramsey)--M&M candy--Uncle Ben's rice--Glen Echo Amusement Park--Nabisco cereals (B. Johnson)--Bosco chocolate syrup (B.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 28

Contents: Piel's Beer (Dick McCutchen, Today Show)--Pepsi, Motorola portable radio, Music Box record shop, Briggs ice cream, Tops drive-ins (Milt Grant, Milt Grant show, 5 adds)--DuMont Television--Pop-a-day Vitamins--Hamilton Beach electric skillet--Chinchilla breading (Hoot Gibson, 8 min.)--Philco electric ranges (Don McNeill, Breakfast Club)--Coca-Cola (2 adds)--Frigidaire refrigerators and air conditioners (Arthur Godfrey show, 2 adds)--1949 Lincoln and Mercury cars (Ed Sullivan, 2 adds)--Frigidaire appliances--1958 Edsel car (Bing Crosby, 3 adds)--Silvercup bread (Todd Russell, Rootie

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 3

Contents: Ovaltine (R. Webb)--Corn Flakes--Kellogg's pep flakes--Kent cigarettes --Thunderbird Ford car--Alka-Seltzer (Jean Arthur)--Jello gellatin--Sanka coffee (A. Griffith)--Gulf gasoline--Lay's potato chips (B. Lahr)--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza and Beefaroni--Pepsi-Cola--Rinso bleach--Clairol hair dye--Kool cigarettes--Bold detergent--cigars--Chesterfield cigarettes--Pretzels--RCA TV--Utica Club beer--Ford Motor Company history of car design--Ideal rocket toys--Shirley Temple doll, Saucy Walker Doll--Argo Sniffie paints--Coleco swimming pool--Coleco corn popper (S.