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Commercials & Advertisements

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 11

Contents: True Story magazine--Liquid Heat--Tareyton cigarettes--Anacin pain reliever--Dristan nasal decongestant--Phillip's Milk of Magnesia (B. Lemond)--Bayer aspirin--Ironized yeast--Rockwood chocolate (C. Norris)--True Story magazine--Blennd juice--R.O.T.C. commercials--Calgon bath oil beads--U.S. Army Reserve commercial--Yoo-hoo chocolate drink--New York Telephone--Champale drink--Yoo-hoo drink (Y. Berra)--Power up drink mix--1958 Chevrolet--Elgin watches--U.S.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 12

Contents: Jello--Minute Rice--7 Up cola--American Cancer Society (J. Wayne)--Birds eye orange juice--Miller beer--Caravelle candy--U.S. National Guard--Presidents Environmental Awards Program (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)--Burger King--Georgia Power Company--General Telephone--Kool-Aid--King Vitaman cereal--"Bewitched" TV program (E.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 13

Contents: Southern Bell telephones--Trust Company Bank--Photosun glasses--Ipana toothpaste--Super helmet--Hostess cupcakes--Wyler's lemonade--Frosty O's cereal--Wheat Honeys cereal--Ideal Kerry doll--Lucky Charms cereal--Twinkles dry cereal--Pepsi-Cola--O.M.A. toy gun--Plymouth Valiant car--Dentyne gum--Pringles potato chips--Nabisco cookies (12 adds.)--Coca-Cola--Nabisco shredded wheat--Pabst Blue Ribbon beer--Borden's instant coffee--Coca-Cola (S. Dee)--Bosco (D. Van Dyke)--Ronsom cigarette lighters--Nestle's instant coffee--RCA Silverama TV (V.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 14

Contents: Brylcreem--Lovable bras--RCA Victor televisions--Hertz rental cars--Public service announcement: "Register, inform yourself and vote"--Gino's Pizza (S. Sales)--Southern Bell Yellow Pages--Tender Leaf tea--Ajax cleanser--Halo Shampoo (animated Eddy Cantor)--Philishave electric shaver--Peter Paul candy bars--Blitz beer--Quaker puffed cereals--Mitchell beer--National Bohemian beer--"Playhouse 90"--Esquire boot polish--Ballantine beer--Salada tea--Coca-Cola--Nabisco cookies--Lovable bra slip--Ritz crackers--Phillies cigars--Sunshine HiHo crackers--RCA Victor television (V.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 15

Contents: Mattel shootin'shells--"About faces" (B. Alexander)--Morton salt--Swift's premium franks--Flyers canvas shoes--Mattel toy tunderbird gun--Cherrios cereal--Ipana toothpaste (Bucky Beaver)--Armour franks--Baker's instant chocolate (Jiminy Cricket)--Reynolds aluminum awnings & siding (R. Marshall)--Hills Bros. Instant coffee--Ken L meal dog food--Special K cereal (D. James)--Heart Fund--Mattell Winchester toy gun--Aunt Jemima pancake mix--Scotch cellophane tape--1-a-day multiple vitamins (J. Dodd, Mickey Mouse Club)--Coca Cola--Trix cereal--"Lawrence Welk Show" (L.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 16

Contents: Delco batteries--1957 Chevrolet car--Flagg shoes--Delco batteries (A. Stang)--Public service announcement: Safe driving--RCA Victor phonograph album--Abbott's ice cream--Telephone yellow pages--Robert Hall Clothes--Good Luck oleomargarine--Sunshine crackers--Gillette razor (R. Campanella)--Greenmint mouthwash--Blatz beer--RCA Victor TV's and picture tubes--RCA tape recorders and radios--Vicks Vapo Rub--Ethyl gasoline--Ronson lighters--Milton Bradley board games--Tootsie Roll pops--Fizzies drink tablets--Bosco chocolate syrup--Bosco milk amplifier (V.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 17

Contents: Goodyear Playhouse--MGM "This could be the night" (J. Wilson)--Beechnut gum--Brylcreem--Sylvan Seal milk--Milkbone dog snacks--Kasco dog food--Bemco matresses--Nabisco shredded wheat--Pertussin cough medicine--Mutual Savings banks of Massachusetts--Pepsodent toothpaste--L&M cigarettes--Klix dog candy--Oxydol detergent--My-T-Fine desserts--Lucky Strike cigarettes--Vicks cough drops--Bond bread--Black Horse Ale--Clicquot Club drinks--Burk's meats--Listerine toothpaste--Gillette shavers (W.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 18

Contents: Argus cameras--Nabisco graham crackers--Tribute to television technicians--RCA batteries (V. Monroe)--Sylvania florescent lights--Rain Barrel fabric softener--Crayola crayons--Kraft grated parmesan cheese--Miracle Whip salad dressing--Biographical sketch of David Sarnoff--Speech by D. Sarnoff--Tang instant drink (Project Gemini astronauts)--Marlboro cigarettes (J.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 19

Contents: Rike's, the bride's store--Abraham & Straus mattresses--Knit dresses at Winkelman's--Gimbels--Rich's Clothing--L.S. Ayres & Co.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 2

Contents: Kix cereal--Kool cigarettes--Parliament cigarettes--Hasbro toys--American characters toys--Rocket 500 toy cars--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke)--Soaring Sam toy airplane--Electric football game--Silent ray gun--Chevrolet cars--Hydrox cookies--Colgate toothpaste--Luster Cream Shampoo--Coco-Cola--Drano--Nestle's Quick--Oreo cookies--Malboro cigarettes--Olympia beer--Screaming Yellow Zonkers snackfood--Eastern Airlines--Air France--Lyndon B. Johnson presidential add.--Telstar video game--Bayer Aspirin--Gulf Crest gasoline--Florida orange juice (M.