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Commercials & Advertisements

Beverages, Non-alcoholic (2000) (London International Advertising Awards)

Pepsi (15 adds), Flash power, Fanta (3), Snapple (2), Grand blue (2), Camchigi soda, Prestige coffee, Coca-cola (5), Sprite (4) Gatorade, Northland juice, Absolute water, Sanko caffee, Kool-Aid tea, Nagomi tea, Mountain Dew (3), Kin cider, Ti-ha tea, Manzanita Sol (2), Virgin cola , Oronamin, Toddy, Fanta, Kirma, Jugo Yukery, 7up (4), Tetra pak, Festis, Loumidis coffee (3), K-fee, Konyakky, Jaffa, San Miguel (2), Bickfords juice, Pampril, Sunfresh, Crystal water, Vicky, RC cola, T&T (3), Carlsburg, Nevin.

Boards 2000

Searchable database recognizing the creative work of live action advertising producers working in a wide range of business sectors. Includes video reels accompanied by creative credits, agency name, advertiser, country of production, length and a small storyline. 2000.

Cartoons Celing Commercials. Vol. 1.

Presents 67 commercials, covering the years 1954 to 1977, featuring cartoon characters including Fred Flintsone, Mister Magoo, Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny as well as other animated commercials.

Cartoons Celing Commercials. Vol. 2.

Presents 67 commercials, covering the years 1955 to 1974, featuring cartoon characters including various Disney characters, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Mister Magoo as well as other animated commercials.

Chevrolet Sales Promotion Films.

Twelve commercials produced between 1948 and 1952 promoting the Chevrolet automobile. Includes historical footage of automobile racing and information on the evolving design and construction of the Chevrolet automobile. Contents: Last word (10 min.), Inside story (11 min.), You're ahead, Mr.

Cigarette Commercials: The Classics Vol II

One hundred nineteen cigarette commercials with numerous celebrity endorsements by actors, actresses and sports figures, produced between in the 1950s through 1970s. Includes adds with the "Marlboro Man" enjoying his cigarettes while fishing, as a pilot, ranch hand, skeet shooting, camping and Kayaking. Concludes with a 1954 Encyclopedia Britannica film "Tobacco and the human body" which was among the first to report on the health problems associated with smoking.

Cigarette Commercials: The Classics. Vol 1

Ninety-seven classic cigarette commercials from the 1950s-1960s promoting the sophisticated "clean, invigorating" pleasures of smoking. Includes celebrity endorsements, sixteen animated commercials and four commercials for Kent cigarettes in Spanish.

Cigarette Commercials: The Classics. Vol III

Includes ninety-five cigarette commercial classics from the 1950s-1970s. Features numerous Belair "breath easy, smoke clean" adds primariy at beachside locations with swimming, surfing and fishing. The "Marlboro Man" is presented smoking his cigarettes while sailing a yacht or a sailboat, while surfing or as a boar bow hunter and in the "Man or mouse?" commercials. Also includes Julie London singing the Marlboro song (2 versions). Includes five adds in Spanish and concludes with "The Brown & Williamson story," a film short on the makers of Kool Cigarettes.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 1

Contents: Milton Bradley games--Boraxo (R. Reagan)--Luster Cream shampoo (S. Jones)--Ipana toothpaste--Colgate toothpaste--Wildroot Creme--Royal Drene Shampoo--Malboro cigarettes--Gillette razors--Dodge cars--Chevrolet cars--Esso gasoline--Lucky Strike cigarettes--Kool cigarettes--Malboro cigarettes--Winston cigarettes--Ajax cleanser--SOS Brillo pads--Ovaltine (R.

Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s: Volume 10

Contents: Newport cigarettes--Ballantine ale--Esso gasoline & oil--Humble oil (R. Marshall)--1955 Chevrolet--U.S. Safety Council. "Happy motoring" driving tips.-- Calgon water softener--Heinz beans--Flagg Flyer shoes--Yoo-hoo drink--Old Spice aftershave--Face powder--Puma soft drink--Certina watch--Broadstreet's clothing--Bold detergent--Van Camp's pork n' beans--Muriel cigars--Luster Creme shampoo (A. Dahl)--Remington electric shaver--Piels beer--Union Carbide--Excedrin--Dr.