UC Berkeley Library

Audio Recording

Japanese American Internment.

Interviews with Alex Yamamoto and Paul and Marianne Takabe, Japanese Americans who were sent to special detention camps for refusing to cooperate with the relocation program. 40 min.

Japanese Americans in the West.

Discusses Japanese immigration and settlement in the western United States during the early 20th Century. 27 min.

Last Interview with Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador[Sound Recording]

Last interview with the outspoken critic of El Salvador's military government two days prior to his assassination. Romero condemns U.S. assistance to El Salvador, discusses security forces, the Christian Democratic Party, the worker-peasant coalition, and the church. Pacifica Radio Archives, [1986].

Lest We Forget: In Memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Three survivors of the atom bomb discuss their experiences and their hopes for nuclear disarmament. Discussion also features comments by Norman Cousins. 1986.

Luis Valdez, Playwright. [Sound Recroding]

Recorded by the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley, on April 8, 1980, in Room B-2 of the Golden Bear Restaurant in Upper Sproul Plaza, University of California, Berkeley. Luis Valdez, playwright, director and founder of El Teatro Campesino, talks about his experience as a third generation American from Mexican descent. Difference between our images of California and the Californian reality. Question and answer session.

On Apartheid.

Interview with Alan Paton. 1960. 37 min.

Part of My Soul Went With Him.

Dramatic reading based on journals and letters of Winnie and Nelson Mandela. 1985. 60 min.

Raza Spoken Here: Poesia Chicana. Volume 1 [Audiorecording]

The Taco Shop poets manifesto / The Taco Shop Poets -- Sonia on Hope Street, Metzli Chingona / Olga Angelina Garcia Echeverria -- Vato Loco de la Maravilla, Rafa chronicles / Manuel J. Velez -- Blood ain't salsa / Rasquachi Perfomers -- Tepalcate a tepalcate, sowing seeds / Elba Rosario Sanchez -- I hear a poem calling me, Heaven for eight dollars / Daniel Sanchez-Glazer -- For my sister who thinks I'm unhappy because I, like her, don't wear a size 6, Free metal woman / Sandra C. Mu~noz -- El mar y el muro, Sobre Baghdad han caido las bombas / Christian Ramirez.