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Dimensions of Dialogue (Moznosti dialogu)(Czechoslovakia, 1982)

A film by Jan Svankmajer. A confrontation between two heads, one shaped out of vegetables and one shaped out of kitchen utensils, leads to a new head made of chopped-up food. (Contained in anthology Jan Svankmajer, Alchemist of the Surreal) ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
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Ding Dog Daddy (1942)

A goofy, bashful young dog gets spring fever and falls in love with a statue of a girl dog named "Daisy," mistaking "her" for his love. However, the young dog has to get past the tough bulldog guarding her yard to get in to see "her," only to find that "she" has been taken by the war effort as scrap metal. He runs to the factory, where he finally discovers a bomb marked with the inscription "Daisy," and kisses it. "She" turns out to be no dud.

Dog Daze (1937)

A series of gags at a dog show, including a stage revue. A dog gets into a trunk of roller skates and crashes through the stage show.

Dog Gone Modern (1939)

The Two Curious Puppies visit a model home with a panoply of modern inventions, including an annoying robot that sweeps up anything that touches the floor.

Dog Gone South (1950)

Ever in search of a master, no matter how unwilling, Charlie winds up on a plantation down South and tries to force himself on the owner, a Confederate Colonel. Unfortunately, the Colonel already has a pet bulldog, "Belvedere."

Dog Tired (1942)

Two curious pups, vying over a bone, chase each other into the city zoo and upset the balance among the regulars. They have hilarious (and dangerous) encounters with the kangaroo, hippo, stork, lion, monkey, love birds, and even a porcupine. The puppies' confrontations with the various animals keep the laughing hyena in stitches. The hyena supplies the perfect punch line.

Don't Give Up the Sheep (1953)

A sheepdog thwarts the efforts of a thieving wolf whose tricks include altering the time clock, hiding in a bush, imitating Pan, digging a tunnel, unleashing a wildcat and disguising himself as the dog's coworker.

Double Chaser (1942)

A mouse sticks close to a bulldog in order to repel a cat, but the cat is determined and the bulldog is an unreliable ally.

Dough for the Do-Do (1949)

Porky ventures into Darkest Africa in search of the last Do-Do bird, and winds up in Wackyland, a surreal place where the sun comes up atop a human pyramid, the Warner Brothers shield comes zooming from the sky, and populated by creatures such as a three-headed Larry Moe and Curly beast. The Do-Do finally appears, to great fanfare, and eludes Porky by pulling out a pencil and drawing himself a door.

Draftee Daffy (1945)

Daffy Duck is desperate to elude the draft board respresentative bearing his conscription order.