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Caption Hareblower (1954)

Directed by Friz Freleng. "Bugs and pirate Sam are on rival ships, with "Seagoin' Sam" (as he calls himself) trying to capture and board Bugs' ship. Sam takes lots of cannonball shots from Bugs. Says Sam: "Surrender, rabbit! I've got ya outnumbered one to one!" Bugs outwits Sam as he throws matches down into the powder room where Sam must race to get it before the ship explodes. You know the bit!" [Big Cartoon Database] Included on

Case of the Missing Hare (1942)

Bugs' home in a hollow tree is marred when the magician, Ala Bahma, plasters his show posters all over it. Bugs goes to the show to heckle.

Cat Feud (1958)

Bulldog Marc Anthony is a guard at a construction site. He finds a kitten, Pussyfoot, to whom he affectionately gives a wiener for lunch. A hungry, grown cat sees the wiener and tries to take it from Pussyfoot. So, in defense of his kitten friend, Marc Anthony fights the cat on the steal beams of the partly constructed skeleton of a building.

Cheese Chaser (1951)

After invading a cheese factory, mice Hubie and Bertie have finally had their fill of cheese and figure there's nothing more left to live for. They plan to end it all by surrendering to Claude Cat, who becomes decidedly suspicious.

Chef Donald (1941)

Directed by Jack King, Disney Studios. "Donald is listening to a radio cooking program and mixes up a batch of waffles, but he's distracted and uses rubber cement instead of baking powder. The batter proves to be unusually stiff... His spoon gets stuck, and the batter acts like a rubber-band airplane, flying the bowl around the room. Next, Donald gets his head stuck into the batter (and his tail in the waffle iron). He tries to chop it with an ax; the ax flies up and splits the room in half.

Chili Weather (1963)

Speedy Gonzales comes to help his starving friends gain access to the wealth of food inside a processing plant guarded by Sylvester Cat.

Chow Hound (1951)

A mean, greedy, glutton of a bulldog uses two unwilling parties - a frightened cat and a mouse to help him grab dinner from various residences. The scheme: Using the cat to pose as the pet for the residents; the mouse is used in one scheme while the cat poses as a sabertoothed-alley cat at a local zoo in another. The cat is instructed to gather juicy steaks and then surrender them to the bulldog, who badgers each time, "What, no gravy?!" Eventually, the bulldog holds the cat hostage for months, anticipating that the cat's "owners" will post rewards in the newspaper.

Claws for Alarm (1954)

Porky Pig doesn't realize that the old hotel where he and Sylvester are spending the night is really part of a ghost town. It's only Sylvester who sees the band of murderous mice trying to do them in, while Porky chalks his fears up to insanity.

Clean Pastures (1937)

Up in heaven (known as Pair-O-Dice), a disgusted St. Peter is worried about all the sin and partying that is taking place down in Harlem especially the fact that nightlife is attracting more business to "Hades Inc." than to his own place. He sends down a group of angels to lead souls onto the straight and narrow. After a Stepin Fetchit angel does little good in trying to keep Bojangles Robinson and a blackface Al Jolson out of a seedy nightclub, St.

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (1943)

A blackface parody of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a strong swing backbeat...and no apologies! Mammy (who resembles Aunt Jemima) tells her "Honey Child" the story of "So White" and the wicked Queen who "was as rich as she was mean." "She had everything," including sugar, coffee, auto tires, scrap metal, Chattanooga choo-choos, and a family coat of arms consisting of dice and switchblades.