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[Churchill, Winston]His Memoirs and his Speeches [1918 to 1945] [Sound Recording]

Pt. 1: Armistice 1918--Follies of the Victors, 1919-30--Lurking dangers--Crimes of war--Crimes against humanity--Crimes against peace--Adolf Hitler--Locust years--"St. George and the dragon"-- Locust years (cont.)--Air parity lost.--Pt. 2: Air parity (cont.) --Causes of war--Loaded pause--Mr. Eden's resignation--Collective security--Munich Winter--Broadcast to USA--Soviet enigma--War--1st months of war--Pt.

[Churchill, Winston]His Memoirs and his Speeches [Sound Recording]

Recordings of the author reading from his memoirs and releases of broadcast recordings of his speeches delivered between 1918 and 1945.