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On Strike! Ethnic Studies, 1969-1999

A historical presentation of the struggle to create and maintain a Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California Berkeley. Includes interviews with participants in the 1969 demonstrations when the program was first established, with the 1999 demonstrators when the funding for the program was threatened and with Ethnic Studies faculty at U.C.B. Directed and produced by Irum Shiekh. 1999. 36 min.

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On the cowboy trail

Chronicles a year in the lives of three ranchers in Montana, from the birth of calves in winter, through branding and the summer county fair, to shipping of calves in winter. Also shows how strip-mining and agribusiness conflict with traditional ranching. Originally broadcast as a segment of the Odyssey series in 1981. Dist.: Documentary Educational Resources. 59 min.

On the Edge: Nature's Last Stand for Coast Redwoods

Explores the history of the California coastal redwood trees from the Gold Rush to the present day and efforts by conservationists over the last century to protect and preserve the redwood groves. 1989. 33 min.

One Day Longer: The Story of the Frontier Strike.

Recounts the story of the grit and determination behind America's longest running strike; six years, four months and ten days by 500 restaurant workers of the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. This defining labor struggle largely ignored by the media, features contemporary interviews with prominent labor leaders. c1999. 52 min.

One Pair of Eyes: Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles.

A tour of the architectural highlights of Los Angeles with professor of the History of Architecture, Reyner Banham. 1975. [preservation copy];View this video online
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Outcry L.A.: Riots, Trials, Recovery.

Riot footage of the Watts Riots taken primarily by amateur videographers at ground zero. See how the riot started, how it unfolded and how it blew up. The film examines the riots, through the five days they shook the nation, with particular reference to the events surrounding the convicted police officers, commentary by Chief Daryl Gates and many others who played significant roles. It also looks at grassroots efforts to reclaim Watts after the riots. 1999. 88 min.

Period Films of the Great Depression

Contents: Financing the American family / Household Finance (1935, 11 min.) -- Frontiers of the future / National Industrial Council (1937, 10 min.) -- Griffith Park relief workers demonstration (1933, 3 min.) -- San Francisco General strike (1934, 3 min.) -- Valley town / producer, New York University (1940, 25 min.).

Philipino Artists: Struggle, Success, Tagumpay

Spotlights the swelling community of Filipino American artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through interviews and performance footage featuring a variety of talents -- comedians, dancers and recording artists -- this documentary celebrates this creative surge within the historically underrepresented Filipino American community. These young artists provide a fascinating glimpse into a thriving cultural movement which boldly claims its Philippine roots in the course of exploring new creative expression. c1999. 27 min.

Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea

Fabulously offbeat and refreshingly upbeat, this documentary gets friendly with the natives of the Salton Sea, an inland ocean of massive fish kills, rotting resorts, and 120 degree nights located just minutes from urban Southern California.

Point Bonita Lighthouse

This program traces the history of one of America's most important lighthouses-- at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. Beginning with the Gold Rush, it employs old photos, quotes from memoirs and letters, and anecdotes and stories to bring the history of the Point Bonita Lighthouse to life and to show the importance of lighthouses to historical events. A film by Kathleen McDonough. c1999. 27 min.