UC Berkeley Library

The West

Farmers and Farmworkers: The New Harvest(California Journal report; 104)

Examines the ongoing negotiations among growers, farmworkers, and teamsters including the impact of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. United Farm Worker history is traced from the Delano beginnings to the present. An interview with Cesar Chavez is included. 1981. 30 min. [preservation copy];

Farmworkers' Diary

In the farmworker's own words, shows the living conditions, hopes and fears of Mexican migrant farmworkers in California. The documentary captures their dreams and anxieties, their longing for their families and their fear of becoming unemployable as farm mechanizaton increases. Produced by Tony Cisneros and Paul Shain. 1990. 10 min.

Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary.

A documentary by Los Angeles teacher Laura Angelica Simon, exploring the impact of California's Proposition 187 on the immigrant community. The subject is Hoover Street Elementary School, where Simon candidly explores the attitudes and emotions of teachers, students and parents, focusing on a ten year old Salvadorian girl. 1997. 53 min. American Library Assn. Video Round Table Notable Films for Adults, 1999

Foresaken Fields

Before World War II, many Japanese-Americans had settled successfully as farmers in California. But when the war came, they were incarcerated under government orders and forced to sell their farms. When the war ended, many did not return to their rural homes, and those who did never recovered from the interruption in their lives. As their children moved away to college or jobs or to be with other families, there was a second forsaking of the fields.

Forty-Seven Cents.

Documents how officials of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Indian Claims Commission, and a lawyer representing the Pit River Indian Nation of northern California obtained from the tribe a land settlement that most of its members did not want. 25 min.

Gabrielino/Tongva Culture.

A survey of the history, culture and present status of the Gabrielino or Tongva tribe of Southern California, and the current efforts being made to revive the original Gabrielino or Tongva culture. 1991. 29 min.

Garbage Stories.

These 5 features look at various creative ways garbage can be recycled and otherwise diverted from landfills. Examples of innovative recycling are the creation of art objects from garbage, a wildlife sanctuary developed from recycled wastewater, a farmer who feeds his pigs and goats entirely on refuse and a sculpture garden created from the solid wastes of the city of San Francisco. 1993. 27 min.

Going Home: The California Indian Library Collections Project.

Documents the California Indian library collections project of the Lowie Museum of Anthropology which places copies of relevant historic photographs, sound recordings, field notes and personal narratives in county library collections near reservations. 23 min.

Golden Cage: A Story of California's Farmworkers.

The experiences of Mexican farmworkers in California are chronicled. Using historical footage, interviews, newspaper clippings and black-and-white stills, the documentary traces the history of the United Farmworkers Union from the sixties to its current decline. It also examines the impact of the new immigration law. c1989. 29 min.

Golden Lands, Working Hands.

A 2-part history of the labor movement in California from the 1860's to the present day. 1999. Part 1.