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Taking Part: Free Speech Movement and the Legacy of Social Protest: Part 5: The Contested Field of Free Speech.

In this final segment two noted scholars of civil liberties survey the progress, or lack of progress, for free speech in the United States in the past ten years. Concludes with questions from the audience. Speakers: Nadine Strossen, Richard Delgado. 2001. 90 min. Part of a conference presented on April 13-14, 2001 in conjuction with the completion of the Free Speech Movement Digital Archive Project of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. The conference that revisits the social context and lasting legacy of the 1960s Free Speech Movement at UCB.

Television and Terrorism, Who Calls the Shots?

Reviews the events of Sept. 27, 1990 in Berkeley, Calif. when 33 people were held hostage and one killed by Merhdad Dashti in the Durant Hotel. A panel of newscasters discusses the challenges and techniques of broadcasting news without editing directly from the sight of crisis situations. Moderated by Fred Friendly. 1990. 60 min.

The Berkeley Morris Dancers

Performance of a Morris dancers' group, videotaped live at the U.C. Berkeley campus, 1984. ; Storage Info: pt. 1-pt. 2 pt. 1-2

The Berkeley Rebels

Narrator: Harry Reasoner.Mario Savio, Clark Kerr, Sallie Learey, Ron Anastasi,Kate Coleman, Michael Rossman.

The Berkeley Rebels

Narrator: Harry Reasoner (CBS). Mario Savio, Clark Kerr, Sallie Learey, Ron Anastasi,Kate Coleman, Michael Rossman. A unique documentary film presenting the 1964 Free Speech Movement demonstrations and sit-in at the University of California, Berkeley through first person accounts by four students involved in the protests. Includes debates between students withdiffering viewpoints of the movement, debates between faculty and students and an overview of the impersonalacademic experience at the University which fueled the unrest. 1965? 57 min. (preservation copy)

The Big Game 1982 - Cal vs Stanford: The Final Play

Final few minutes of the Cal/Stanford, 1982 Big Game showing the improbable play that won the game for the Bears. Plays several times sequentially.View this video online
Requires Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac

The Black Panthers

This event is organized by the Graduate Assembly, University of California, Berkeley. This event took place on October 25, 1990, at Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley. Speakers: Benny Stewart, Pedro Niguera. Sheba MacKeba, Baroni Stevens, Landon Williams, Bobby Seale. approx. 2 hours, 16 min. ;

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugliest of Graduate Student Instructing.

Berkeley, CA: University of California, Berkeley, Office of Media Services, [199-?].
Dramatization of successful and unsuccessful encounters between teaching assistants and students in classroom sections and during office hours. Produced by students of the Mechanical Engineering 301 course (at the University of California, Berkeley) under supervision of Dr. David A. Dornfeld, Dr. Patrick J. Pagni, Rachel T. Honjo.

The New Majority: Beyond the Melting Pot; a report on California's cultural and racial demographics and how they affect our society.

Part of the UC Berkeley Open Window Series. California's cultural and racial demographics - by K. Russell -- Diversity: Changing the face of politics; election reapportionment - by T. Mock -- Hate crimes - by K. Debro -- Labor unions and the new immigrants - by H. Frieze -- University of California, Berkeley: Multicultural education - by W. Lasola -- The arts - by H. Norman -- English only initiative - by J. McKelvey -- The lives of immigrants - by B. Pimentel -- A look at immigration policy - by F. Langner.

The Nobel Tradition at Berkeley.

Reviews Nobel prize winners on the UC Berkeley campus. 1985