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South Asia Studies

Ma Baap

A film by Siraj Jhaveri. This film chronicles the relationship between the filmmaker's Muslim father and Hindu mother--exploring their forbidden relationship in India, their elopement and eventual separation. Jhaveri interviews his reluctant subjects in the U.S. and travels to India to try and unfold the conditionalities of love and committment. 30 min.

Marriages in Heaven

Arranged marriages have been an important aspect of traditional Indian culture since ancient times, and they are still common today. This illuminating documentary explores the ways in which globalization and modernization are affecting young people and changing the traditions of marriage among Indians living both in India and in America. This documentary was produced in the Community Documentary Workshop of the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Department of San Francisco State University. 2000. 27 min.

Milind Soman Made Me Gay

A conceptual documentary about desire and notions of 'home' and 'belonging'. The film employs a unique mix of visual elements along with voice over narration to juxtapose memories of the filmmaker's past against stories of three gay South Asian men living in the diaspora. Overshadowing these nostalgic explorations of life 'back home,' are harsh realities of homophobia and racism in America and an on-going struggle to find a place of belonging. Written, directed and produced by Harjant Gill. 2007. 27 min.

Miss India Georgia

A film by Daniel Friedman & Sharon Grimberg. This documentary film follows four contestants in the Miss India Georgia pagent and tells the story of their experiences as first generation americans. These young women disclose the complexity of their feelings about growing up in the United States as children of immigrant parents. Produced and directed by Daniel Friedman & Sharon Grimberg. 1997. 56 min. Reviews and articles: Dave, Shilpa. 'Community Beauty': Transnational Performances and Cultural Citizenship in 'Miss India Georgia'.

Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America

An investigation of attitudes towards Sikhs in the United States following the events of September 11, 2001 and an exploration of the religion, culture and history of Sikhs in America, highlighting contributions Sikh Americans have made to the American society and economy for over 100 years. 2002. 38 min.

Mr. Ahmed

A film by Terrance Grace. A portrait of an Indian expatriate living in a small American town who struggles to re-invent himself. As memories of a home and family left behind seep to the surface, the collision of the old and the new world forces his life into a critical turn, and an act which could destroy both worlds. 52 min.

New View New Eyes

An East Indian Canadian travels to India to meet her father's family. She finds that India is in no simple way her "home", yet she also can't hide behind the tourist's camera. Western representations of India are challenged as we see India through a weave of location imagery, music, poetry, conversation and journal entries. 49 min.

Pilgrimage to Pittsburgh

In 1987 revisits the Lord Venkateshvara temple near Pittsburgh, PA to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Illustrates the many ways in which the temple brings together Indians living in America and imparts cultural awareness to their children. Produced and directed by Ron Hess for the Department of Religious Studies, the University of Pittsburgh. 1990. 25 min.

Punjabi Cab

Cinematography, Liam Dalzell ; original music, Matt Knoth. Since September 11th 2001, turban-wearing Sikhs in America have endured harassment and violence because they are mistaken for the stereotypical Middle Eastern terrorist. This documentary looks at the treatment that Bay Area Sikh taxi drivers have endured since 9/11 and their resilience in overcoming these hardships through faith, compassion and pride in their culture. Directed and edited by Liam Dalzell. c2004. 20 min.

Pure Chutney

Explores the Trinidadian-Indian culture and the events and accidents of history that constitute the Indian diaspora. Documents the diversity of the Indian diasporic populations in Trinidad and their struggle for identity. A video by Sanjeev Chatterjee. 1998. 43 min.