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Race in Film

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1939)

Animated short. Directed by Dave Fleischer. "Olive has a job at Surprise Pictures as a script girl when she dreams up a story of Popeye in the Aladdin tale. Popeye is a poor young man tricked by an evil magician who tries to use him to get the lamp. The plot fails, and Popeye uses the lamp to become a prince and woo the princess of old Persia (played by Olive). The magician tricks the princess into giving him the lamp, and takes her for himself.

Alambrista! (The Illegal) (1977)

Directed by Robert M. Young. Cast: Domingo Ambriz, Trinidad Silva, Linda Gillin, Ned Beatty, Jerry Hardin, Julius Harris. After his daughter's birth, Roberto leaves his town in Michoacan to make money in the United States. He's "an illegal," crossing into California and taking work wherever he can: picking strawberries, grapes, lettuce, and cucumbers. He hitchhikes, rides freight trains, and depends on the kindness of strangers. Near Stockton, things look up when a sympathetic waitress gives him a place to live and he gets a better job washing helicopters.

Ali (2001)

Directed by Michael Mann. Cast: Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, JonVoight, Mario Van Peebles, Ron Silver, Jeffrey Wright, MykeltiWilliamson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nona M. Gaye, Michael Michele,Joe Morton. Dramatic biography of boxing great Muhammad Ali,which focuses on the ten-year period of 1964-1974. In thattime, the brash, motor-mouthed athlete quickly dominates hissport, meets and marries his first wife, converts to Islam(changing his name from Cassius Clay), and defies the UnitedStates government by refusing to submit to militaryconscription for duty in Vietnam.

Ali Baba (1963)

Animated short. Directed by Ub Iwerks. Ali Baba senior and his son Ali Baba live in poverty. One day they happen to see the Forty Thieves enter their cave. After the thieves leave, Ali Baba and his son enter the cave and start to fill their pockets with the treasure they find inside. Alas for them, the Forty Thieves return and they are forced to hide in large jars. But of course they are discovered...

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944)

Directed by Paul Malvern. Cast: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Andy Devine, Fortunio Bonanova, Frank Puglia, Ramsay Ames, Moroni Olsen, Kurt Katch. Orphaned as a young child and adopted by a band of notorious thieves, now-grown Ali Baba sets out to avenge his father's murder, reclaim the royal throne and rescue his beloved Amara from the iron fist of his treacherous enemy. 87 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Ali-Baba (Ali Baba et les quarante voleurs) (Ali-Baba and the 40 Thieves) (France, 1954)

Directed by Jacques Becker. Cast: Fernandel (Ali-baba), Samia Gamal (Morgiane), Dieter Borsche (Abdul), Henri Vilbert (Cassim), Edouard Delmont (Morgiane's father). In this film adaptation of the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves Ali Baba accidentally discovers the magic cave where Abdul and his band of thieves hide their treasure. He takes enough gold to buy a slave girl from his master to be his wife, but sinister plans are being made to spoil his wedding night. Includes belly dances by women in the marketplace and Cassim's harem. 90 min.

All About the Benjamins(2002)

Directed by Kevin Bray. Cast: Ice Cube,Mike Epps, Eva Mendes, Tommy Flanagan. Abounty hunter chases a bail jumper to anabandoned warehouse that just happens to bethe exchange place for a major diamondheist. Now the would-be adversaries need tocooperate to foil the diamond thieves. 98min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

All My Loved Ones (Vsichni moji blizci) (Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland, 1999)

Directed by Matej Minac. Cast: Josef Abraham, Libuse Safrankova, Jiri Bartoska, Ondrej Vetchy, Branislav Holicek, Lucia Culkova, Tereza Brodska, Marian Labuda, Rupert Graves. Inspired by the real life heroics of Nicholas Winton who saved hundreds of Czech Jewish children from the Nazis. The Silberstein's are a large and close knit extended family living in Czechoslovakia. Believing in the decency of mankind, they don't pay heed to the Nazi threat. They finally realize the true horror of what is coming, but it is too late.