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Notable UC Berkeley Lectures & Events

[Eakin, Richard] William Beaumont and Alexis' Stomach.

Recreation of the scientist William Beaumont by Professor Richard Eakin, Zoology Dept., UC Berkeley.

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[Eakin, Richard] William Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood.

Recreation of William Professor Richard M. Eakin, Dept. of Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. [preservation copy]

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[Ehrlich, Paul] Paul Ehrlich Lecture.

Noted environmentalist and social critic speaks on his work The Population bomb. Lecture held at the University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 9, 1983. 70 min.View this video online
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[Gore, Al] Al Gore at UC Berkeley. 1997.

A town hall meeting between Vice President Al Gore and 150 UCB undergraduates investigating the need for financial aid for college students. Among issues discussed were federal scholarship programs, federal financial aid, tax credits for educational expenses, campaign reform and affirmative action. This event took place on February 19, 1997 at Krutch Auditorium, Clark Kerr Campus, University of California, Berkeley. 60 min.

[Hawking, Stephen] Hawking Seminar

Presented at the Physics/Astronomy colloquium with Dr. Stephen Hawking, University of California, Berkeley, March, 1988. A brief glimpse of eminent physicist Stephen Hawking addressing a seminar. ; Storage Info: B 2 506 513

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[Hawking, Stephen] Hitchcock Lectures, UC Berkeley.

The Origin of the Universe. April 3, 1988. 61 min.
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Baby Universes, Children of Black Holes. April 5, 1988. The nature of black holes, baby universes and the cosmological constant of the universe.
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[Hawking, Stephen] Physics/Astronomy Colloquium with Dr. Stephen Hawking, University of California, Berkeley Wednesday, March 23, 1988

A technical lecture by Dr. Stephen Hawking, sponsored by the Departments of Physics and Astronomy on quantum theory, which allows for the branching of baby universes and effective interactions that are not predictable like the non-renormalizable theory of quantum gravity.

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[Hawking, Stephen] Strictly Speaking. (J. Robert Oppenheimer Lecture)

Introductions: Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau, Mark A. Richards, Marvin Cohen. Stephen Hawking, Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Cambridge University, discusses theories on the origin of the Universe. He explains how time can have a beginning and the progress made by cosmologists in an area that has traditionally belonged to theologists and philosophers. Presented at the University of California, Berkeley on March 13, 2007. 67 min.

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[Kostof, Spiro] Lectures from Architecture 170 class, University of California, Berkeley

One semester of lectures in Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism (Architecture 170) class, taught by Spiro Kostof between January 31, 1991 and May 7, 1991 at the University of California, Berkeley. ; Storage Info: pt. 1-pt. 26 pt. 1-26This lectures are available for online viewing.

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[Kroeber, A.L.] Samuel Barrett Interviews A.L. Kroeber, 1960

Samuel Barrett, the first Ph.D in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, interviews anthropologist A.L. Kroeber, the first faculty member in the UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology. 1:09 minutes.
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