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Notable UC Berkeley Lectures & Events

Visions of a Common Good: A Conversation on Race, Ethnicity, and American Common Ground

Nathan Glazer, Ronald Takaki, Robert Pickus. William Simmons, moderator. Professors Glazer (Harvard) and Takaki (UCB) seek to define a common cultural ground for an America that is diverse, united and fulfills the best of its founder's values. Co-sponsors, World Without War Council, James Madison Foundation and the Center for Teaching and Study of American Cultures." Joint lecture delivered 4/26/94 at the University of California Berkeley. 90 min. ;
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Voices of Black Panther Women.

A panel discussion of women who are members of the Black Panther party in which they relate their personal struggles and experiences as "Panther women" engaged in civil rights activism. Symposium at UC Berkeley, date unknown. ©Berkeley Regents.
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War, the Press and U.S. Power:Diplomacy and Conflict in the Post-9/11 World

Panel host: Orville Schell. A panel discussion with Strobe Talbott, former Deputy Secretary of State and president of the BrookingsInstitution, professor Mark Danner of the UCB GraduateSchool or Journalism and professor Peter Tarnoff,former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs,two days before the beginning of the war on Iraqconcerning American foreign policy and the impact andimplications of the impending war. A Berkeley Webcast event ; sponsored by the GoldmanForum on the Press and Foreign Affairs and theGraduate School of Journalism, University ofCalifornia, Berkeley, 3/18/03.

Weapons of Mass Destruction in an Age of Terror: Living in the Second Nuclear Age,4/30/03

Introduction: Orville Schell. Panel: Jonathan Schell, Frances FitzGerald, Michael Nacht, Mark Danner. A panel discussion held a few days after the conclusion of the 2003 war in Iraq, featuring authors on American foreign policy and academics concerning nuclear,chemical, and biological arms as an increasingly central issue driving American foreign policy decisions. A Berkeley Webcast event ; co-sponsored bythe Graduate School of Journalism and The Commonwealth Club of California. 2003. 95 min.

Who Owns the Body International Human Rights Conference(2000: University of California, Berkeley).

"Human dignity, human rights and the integrity of the body are abused by persons, institutions and governments around the world. The critical questions of State-sponsored torture and terror, repatriation of Native American remains and international trafficking in human organs will be addressed by scholars and human rights activists from the United States, Europe, Bosnia, Croatia, Chile and South Africa." Keynote Address: Modern Slavery and the New Abolitionists. Keynote speaker: Judith Lewis Herman.

[Aquino, Corazon] Corazon Aquino at the Greek Theater.

University of California, Berkeley welcomes Corazon Aquino, 1986 recipient of the Berkeley medal. ; Storage Info: B 4 175 538

[Borlaug, Norman] 60 Years of Fighting Hunger

A lecture by Norman Borlaug, who was awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize for developing methods to help the world's poorest nations feed themselves. He is currently engaged as a senior consultant to the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico and as a professor of International Agriculture at Texas A&M University. View it (with RealPlayer)

[Bush, George ] George W. Bush: A Midterm Analysis, 4/21/03

Panel: Michael Nacht, Eleanor Clift, Nelson Polsby ; panel moderator: Gerald Lubernow ; introduction: Michael Lesser. Presidential scholars and White House reporters provide an inside assessment of the 43rd president's handling of the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq, homeland security, corporate ethics and the economy, as President Bush prepares to run for reelection. A Berkeley Webcast event ; co-sponsored by the Institute of Governmental Studies and University Extension, University of California, Berkeley. 2003. 69 min.