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Women In Love: A Documentary About Lesbian Relationships.

A video autobiography that dares much and bares all, with intimate scenes of loving that range from friendship to marriage to brief encounters of the passionate kind. Among Karen's friends and lovers are Phyllis, a photographer who captures San Francisco's lesbian culture, Jackie and Shar, makers of erotic videos for women, Annika, Karen's ex who defends monogramy and Erin, Karen's lover who teachers her how to love men. Produced and directed by Karen Everett. 2005. 58 min.

Women Like Us.

Sixteen lesbians, ranging in age from 50 to 80, from diverse backgrounds, tell about their experiences as gay women. Producers, Suzanne Neild, Rosalind Pearson. 1990. 49 min.
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Word is Out.

Interviews with 26 men and women of all ages and cultures who are members of America's gay communities. Executive producer, Peter Adair; producer, Nancy Adair; director, Andrew Brown. Camera, sound, interviewing, and editing by: Lucy Massie Phenix, Robert Epstein, Andrew Brown, Veronica Selver, Nancy Adair, Peter Adair. 1978. 130 min. (restored); American Library Association Video Round Table: Notable Videos for AdultsReviews and articles:Atwell, Lee. "Word Is Out and Gay U.S.A." Film Quarterly , Vol. 32, No. 2 (Winter, 1978-1979), pp.

Woubi Cheri. (France | Ivory Coast, 1998)

Directors: Laurent Bocahut and Philip Brooks. Woubi Cheri is the first film to give African homosexuals a chance to describe their world in their own words. Often funny, sometimes ribald, but always real, this documentary introduces gender pioneers demanding their right to construct a distinct African homosexuality. In French, with English subtitles. 62 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database


A portrait of two individuals born with ambiguous genitalia that calls into question the medical practice of gender assignment surgery of intersex infants and children. A film by Porter Gale, Laleh Soomekh. 2000. 13 min.

You Don't Know Dick: Courageous Hearts of Transsexual Men.

Provides honest and riveting portraits of six men who once were women. Through their commentaries and the experiences of partners, friends, and family emerges an unforgettable story of self-discovery. Produced and directed by Candace Schermerhorn and Bestor Cram. 1997. 58 min.

[Benning, Sadie] The Videos of Sadie Benning.

Eighteen-years-old Sadie Benning recorded thoughts and images of her nascent lesbianism with the help of a Fisher Price Pixelvision camera. 1989-1992. Contents: [v.1] A new year.-- Living inside. -- Me and Rubyfruit. -- If every girl had a diary. -- Jollies. [v.2] A place called Lovely. -- It wasn't love. -- Girl power. 86 min. -2

[Benning, Sadie] The Videos of Sadie Benning. Vol. 2

Contains three videos by Sadie Benning who uses an inexpensive camera and toys, drawings, and scrawled diary entries to record the thoughts, feelings and images that reveal her emerging lesbian sexuality. Contents: A place called lovely -- It wasn't love -- Girl power.

[Hammer, Barbara] Female Closet

Combining rare footage and interviews this documentary surveys the art and lives of various closeted lesbian women artists from different segments of the 20th century: Victorian photographer Alice Austen, Weimar collagist Hannah Hoch, and present day painter Nicole Eisenman. Produced, directed and edited by Barbara Hammer. c1998. 59 min.

[Hammer, Barbara] Films of Barbara Hammer, 1: Lesbian Humor.

A collection of six films (1974-1987) spanning the career of this filmmaker. "Hammer's satiric use of technology corresponds well with the Eighties repression of sexual expression." Contents: Menses (10 min.) -- Superdyke (20 min) -- Our Trip (4 min.) -- Sync Touch (10 min.) -- Doll House (3 min.) -- No No Nooky T.V. (12 min.). c1989. 59 min. total running time.