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We Are Family.

Takes a look at what life is really like in homosexual families, with the focus on parenting and the well being of the children. 1987. 57 min.

We Got Moves You Ain't Even Heard Of (Part One)

Directed by Erica Cho and Clover Paek. Cast: Clover Paek, Ji Sung Kim, Audrey Luke, Lynne Chan. Obsessed with 80's teen heartthrob Ralph Macchio (aka The Karate Kid), a gay Young Korean American takes a journey into Macchio's pin-up androgyny and Hollywood's all-American underdog fantasies. An experimental film commenting on sexual identity, butch/femme rolls, and Hollywood's orientalism. 1999. 11 min.

We Were Here

A deep and reflective look at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco and how individuals rose to the occasion during the first years of this unimaginable crisis. Directed by David Weissman ; co-director, Bill Weber. 2011 90 min.

What's Underground About Marshmallows?

"The complete, extraordinary "reperformance" by Ron Vawter of Jack Smith's 1981 performance piece, What's Underground About Marshmallows?, in which Jack, strongly against the commodification of art and fearful that people were making illegal copies of his films, accuses Jonas Mekas, the champion of avant-garde film in the early '60s, of this diabolical infringement.

When Democracy Works.

A film examining the radical Right wing in the United States promoting grassroots resistance to the Right's agenda. It features case studies of political action on the Right: David Duke's campaigns for political office in Louisiana; the conservative drive to pass anti-gay Amendment 2 in Colorado and the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 and anti-affirmative action initiatives in California. 1996. 30 min.

When Girls Do It.

This documentary reveals the human reality behind sexual abuse by women, the healing process for those who have survived abuse, and the need for treatment programs for female offenders. Powerful interviews with female sexual offenders and survivors of abuse, therapists, and psychologists reveal the devastating effects on the victims, acknowledge the enormity of such offenses and encourage victims to speak out against this under-reported crime. The documentary also delves into related issues including the long-held misconception that sexual abuse of children is exclusively a male crime.

When I Knew

Inspired by the book of the same name by Robert Trachtenburg, more than 150 people in five cities were surveyed about the experience of realizing they were gay. In the resulting film, 16 interviewees--of different ages, sexes, and lifestyles--share their stories describing their own "when I knew" moment. Some experienced confusion and fear, but all have embraced their sexual orientation as essential to their personhood. Directed and produced by Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato. 2007. 36 min.

Where Are We?: Our Trip Through America.

Two filmmakers take a trip to the American South in order to try and get a perspective about gay life in the South. For the most part, the individuals questioned reveal insular, even ignorant perspectives, that give a chilling view. It is also a film about ordinary people working, playing, and just getting by -- each pursuing a unique and sometimes startlingly original version of the American dream. Directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman. 1992. 75 min.

Who Happen to be Gay.

Six professionals discuss their decisions to lead openly gay lives and how this has affected their relationships with family, friends and colleagues. 1980. 23 min.

Wigstock, The Movie.

"What's big, tough, and wears size twelve pumps? Some of the drag queens in Wigstock: The Movie (Goldwyn), that's what. If you've never been down to the Greenwich Village piers on Labor Day weekend to witness the event called "Wigstock" in the flesh, then this documentary is for you. It is not necessary to cross-dress to enjoy this high-spirited look at big hair and heavy pancake. The wig-in emceed by the ever brassy Lady Bunny is celebrating its tenth anniversary and the movie, directed by Barry Shils, utilizes footage from Wigstock's past, but not forgotten.