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Turnabout: The Story of the Yale Puppeteers: Featuring Harry Burnett and His Marionettes

The theatrical memoir of the Yale Puppeteers, three men who became world renowned puppeteers, now in their 90's, who delighted millions with witty shows and who happen to be gay. The story of Forman George Brown, Harry Burnett and Roddy Brandon. 58 min. 1992.

Two Spirits

Examines the role of two-spirit people in the Navajo culture in the context of the story of a gay youth named Fred Martinez. Martinez was a n?adleeh?i or a male-bodied person with a feminine essence, who was murdered in a hate crime at the age of sixteen. Discusses the traditional Native American perspective on gender and sexuality and the need for a balanced interrelationship between the feminine and masculine. Directed by Lydia Nibley. Dist.: Cinema Guild. 2009. 62 min. American Library Association Video Round Table: Notable Videos for Adults

Two to Tango: Gay Argentina

Buenos Aires is in the heart of a country where 80% of the people are Catholic and the culture of machismo is still rife. Now the Argentine capital is leading the push in Latin America for gay rights. This film introduces Esteban Hubner and Leonardo Gorosito, who are are getting married in a civil ceremony. The introduction of such civil unions has met with opposition from the Church. 2005. 17 min.

Two-spirit People: The Berdache Tradition in Native American Culture

Examines the concepts of gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation in Native American cultures, focusing on the tradition of berdaches. Directed, and edited by Michel Beauchemin, Lori Levy, Gretchen Vogel. Dist.: Frameline. 1991. 20 min.

Tying the Knot.

Documentary on same-sex marriage which provides a historical and legal perspective. Contains archival footage, news clips, and interviews. Examines the institution of marriage today and how it has changed through history. Explores rights, privilege and love as gay activists and right-wing politicians lock horns in the fight for marriage. A film by Jim de Seve.

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

Combines startling archival footage and insightful interviews to explore ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) from a grassroots perspective. The film takes the viewer through the planning and execution of a half dozen exhilarating major actions, including Seize Control of the FDA, Stop the Church, and Day of Desperation, with a timeline of many of the other zaps and actions that forced the U.S. government and mainstream media to deal with the AIDS crisis, revealing the group's complex culture.

Vanilla Sex

Directed by Cheryl Dunye. Dunye's contribution to visual artist Shu Leah Cheng's video installation Those fluttering objects of desire. 1992. 4 min.

Venuz Boyz.

Venus Boyz takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey into the universe of female masculinity. Filmed in New York City and London, this eye-opening documentary uses the performances of drag kings - as a starting point into the topic of transgendering. Written and directed by Gabriel Baur. 2004. 103 min.


Directed by Jerry Tartaglia, pastoral hymn to the god Pan, which was filmed at the Short Mountain Collective in Tennessee. 1993?.

Voices from the Front: America 1988-1991.

Documentary about AIDS activism in the United States from 1988-1991. Includes coverage of demonstrations and interviews with AIDS activists seeking to change public consciousness, expose the failure of the health care system, and challenge government inaction and neglect concerning AIDS.c1994. 90 min.