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The Salt Mines & The Transformation

The Salt Mines explores the lives of Hispanic male transvestite prostitutes and crack addicts living in abandoned garbage trucks at a road salt storage facility near lower Manhattan. The Transformation follows Ricardo (Sara in The Salt Mines) as he rejects his street life to join a group of Born Again Christians in an effort to tranform his life from that of a homosexual to a heterosexual. 1996?. 47, 58 min.

The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender

An exploration of the way Hollywood dealt with or ignored issues of homosexuality during its so-called Golden Age, when the studio system reigned supreme. This funny and occasionally rude re-examination of the subterfuges by which Hollywood has alluded to and at the same time avoided an issue that it could not even name, much less identify, it is at the same time a serious survey of gender issues and how they were perceived and perpetuated by the Hollywood dream factory from the 1930s up to the 1960s. A film by Mark Rappaport. 1997. 101 min. ;

The Stonewall Archives. The Before Stonewell Interviews

Special features: Disc 1: Two poems by Allen Ginsberg, performances from the Before Stonewall Garden Party. Disc 1. The gay performers -- Disc 2. The lesbian pioneers -- Disc 3. Gay men take action before Stonewall. Traces the social, political and cultural history of homosexuality in America from the 1920s to 1969; the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement after a police raid on Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City; and the three-day riot that followed.

The Times of Harvey Milk.

On November 27, 1978, Dan White, a former City Supervisor entered San Francisco's City Hall with a gun and murdered both the Mayor, George Moscone, and San Francisco's first openly gay politician, City Supervisor, Harvey Milk. White was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served a brief jail term, sparking a demonstration and riot by gay supporters of the murdered men. Directed by Rob Epstein. 88 min.

The Trials of Jimmy Creech.

Rev. Mel White of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches interviews Jimmy Creech, who was removed from his pulpit in Omaha, Nebraska by the Methodist Church for preaching the Biblical validity of same-sex marriages between gay and lesbian couples. [199-?] 28 min.

There is No Name for This (Lian zhe wu ming)

Community-wide discussion was sparked when the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance & Asian Pacific Sisters marched in San Francisco's Chinese New Year Parade. This film incorporates this event and over two dozen interviews to examine the private and public repercussions as Chinese and Chinese American lesbians, gays, and bisexuals come out across cultural and language barriers. Produced and directed by Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Cianna Pamintuan Stewart, and Jessica Yu. c1997. 49 min.

There's a Wideness in God's Mercy.

Presents a plea by two protestant clergymen using Biblical exegesis, for the acceptance of gay and lesbian Christians and lifestyles into mainstream Protestant churches. [199-?] 31 min.

This Way Out.

In Brazil, between 1980-1999, a homosexual was murdered on average every 3 days. In Kenya, homosexuality is criminal, punishable up to 14 years in prison. In Pakistan, homosexuality is punishable by long prison terms, or under Islamic law, up to 100 lashes or death by stoning. More than 85 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America currently have laws prohibiting homosexuality. Approximately 12 countries offer asylum based on grounds of sexual orientation, the United States is one of them.

Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family

A documentary look at the structure of a polyandric family in New York consisting of two originally homosexual men and one woman. Explores their unique relationships as they negotiate their living arrangements, have children and open one of the hottest wellness centers in New York City. With amazingly candid discussions about love, sex and partnership, the "trio" reveals every aspect of their lives. Produced and directed by Susan Kaplan. 2004. 97 min.

Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin' Women

This tribute profiles the jazz trumpeter Ernestine"Tiny" Davis, and her lesbian partner of 40 years, drummer Ruby Lucas (aka Renee Phelan). Includes interviews with Tiny and Ruby in their Chicago home, archival material, lively musical performances, and narration by poet Cheryl Clarke. A film by Greta Schiller. c1988. 28 min.