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Gender-based Violence & Pornography

Not a Love Story: A Film about Pornography.

Shows pornography in various forms and explores its affect on individuals and on society. 1991. 69 min.

Our Honour, His Glory: Honor Killing in the Palestinian Zone

In some Palestinian villages, honor is deemed of such importance that a father, brother or cousin is entitled to kill a woman if her morals are suspect. This film follows two cases of these so-called honor killings which are tacitly accepted, although Palestinians refuse to admit that women are killed for these reasons and human rights organizations remain silent on the problem. 1997. 28 min.
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Patently Offensive: Porn Under Siege.

New technologies have catapulted pornography into a $10 billion industry ; despite sustained attacks from feminist and groupd traditionally concerned about the moral environment, porn profits soar. This film examines pornography in its social and historical context, and the debate about pornography that touches many of today's issues: individual rights, censorship, feminist theory, artistic freedom and family values. Written and produced by Harriet Koskoff; co-directors, Blair Gershkow, Harriet Koskoff. 1992? 58 min. ;

Perversion for Profit(1965)

This propaganda film is a full-blown attack on the pornography industry. Its main thesis is, pornography corrupts and perverts the mind. The film makes outrageous and ridiculous claims (i.e. "75-90% of all pornography bought ends up in the hands of children"). Using fear tactics to make its case against pornography the investigation varies from rape, to homosexuality, to sexual transmitted diseases, to illegitimate births. As a secondary persuasion method the film uses religion quoting the Bible several times.

Pornography: Andrea Dworkin.

An expose of the pornography industry and its implications for wider questions of sexuality and violence--not so much a portrait of feminist activist Andrea Dworkin, as an account of the struggle she and other women are waging against what they perceive as a radical social evil. Originally broadcast in 1991 as a segment of: Omnibus. Dist.: Films Media Group. c1995. 52 min.

Pornography: The Double Message.

An Analysis of the effect of pornography and violent sex in films on the youth of Toronto. Comments on the types of censorship in other countries. 1985. 39 min.
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Pornography: The Secret History of Civilization.

"From the walls of Pompeii to the Internet...2,000 years of sex." A hard hitting in-depth look at the history of pornography and its evolution through the advancement of technology. Featuring unprecedented access into the modern adult industry, this extensive program illuminates how pornography has been used, distributed and censored. c2006. 312 min.

Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America

An exploration of domestic abuse, which examines the persistence of violence against women in the U.S., through the story of Kim, a mother of three in Duluth, MN. Duluth was the birthplace of a revolution in the way society approaches battering, and the film tells the story of the leaders from Duluth who remain on the front lines today. The film also looks at the debate launched by researchers and academics who have challenged the Duluth approach. Produced and directed by Peter Cohn. Dist.: New Day Films. 2010. 64 min.

Quest for Honor

Describes the practice of "honor killing" of women by male relatives for actions deemed dishonorable to their families in Kurdistan, Iraq, and highlights efforts by Kurdish activists to end the practice. Directed by Mary Ann Smothers Bruni. 2009. 67 min.

Rape as a Weapon of War

Presents evidence that rape has become a conscious war strategy in many conflicts, including Bosnia, Kashmir, Iraq and Peru. Includes interviews with rape victims, soldiers, experts and activists in human rights. It also looks at the emergence of a global women's movement, which is trying to get rape classified as a "crime against humanity." Concludes with a music video about women's rights by the all women rap group, Sweet Honey in the Rock. Segment from the television program Rights & wrongs broadcast September 8, 1993. 27 min.