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Films by Black Film Makers

B.A.P.S (Black AmericanPrincesses) (1997)

Director, Robert Townsend. Cast: HalleBerry, Martin Landau, Ian Richardson,Natalie Desselle. Nesi and Mickey aretwo waitresses at a crossroads.Underpaid and unappreciated, they dreamof owning a combination restaurant/hairsalon. There's a problem: they'rebroke. So when the chance to auditionas dance girls for a music video popsup, the girls head to L.A. They fail toget the part, but Nesi lands in themost improbable role of all,impersonating the granddaughter of anailing billionaires long-lost love for$10,000 and full use of his BeverlyHills estate. 90 min.

Baby Boy (2000)

Directed by John Singleton. Cast:Tyrese Gibson, Omar Gooding, A.J.Johnson, Taraji P. Henson, Snoop Dogg,Tamara LeSeon Bass, Ving Rhames, CandyAnn Brown, Angell Conwell. In SouthCentral L.A., Jody has two babies bytwo different women and he still livesat home with his mom. He's trying tolive large, but doesn't have or want ajob. Growing up is tough on Jody, but aseries of events involving his mom, hernew boyfriend, his girlfriend, and herex-con ex-boyfriend all force him tolearn some hard lessons about living,loving and surviving. 130 min.

Barbershop (2002)

Director, Tim Story. Cast: Ice Cube,Anthony Anderson, Sean Patrick Thomas,Eve, Troy Garity, Michael Ealy, LeonardEarl Howze, Keith David, Lahmard Tate,Cedric the Entertainer. Calvin neverwanted to take over the familybusiness, a barbershop on the southside of Chicago. One morning he decidesto sell the shop to Lester. Calvinspends the day cutting heads at theshop, and starts to understand theimportance of the legacy left to him.Calvin learns to appreciate his barberfriends, and discovers that the placewhere they work is more than just aplace to get a haircut.

Beat Street (1984)

Director, Stan Lathan. Cast: Rae DawnChong, Guy Davis, Robert Taylor, JonChardiet, Sandra Santiago ; cameoappearances by Us Girls, The TreacherousThree, The System, Rock Steady Crew, SoulSonic Force & Shango, The MagnificentForce, New York City Breakers, FuriousFive, Tina B., Afrika Bambaataa, Johnny B.Bad, and others. A ghetto-derived musicalfilm which delves into the hip-hop cultureof New York's streets to uncover thedespairs, dreams, and triumphs of theemerging 80s generation.

Beauty Shop (2005)

Director, Bille Woodruff. Cast: QueenLatifah, Alicia Silverstone, AndieMacDowell, Alfre Woodard, Mena Suvari,Della Reese, Golden Brooks, Miss LauraHayes, Paige Hurd, L'il JJ. Gina Norris isin Atlanta making a name for herself at aposh Southern salon with her cutting-edgehairstyles. But when her flamboyant,egotistical boss takes it one criticism toofar, she leaves his salon to open a shop ofher own. Special features: "Beauty shop :inside the style" featurette; gag reel;selected scenes audio commentary bydirector Bille Woodruff. 105 min.

Belly (1998)

Directed by Hype Williams. Cast: Nasir"Nas" Jones, Earl "DMX" Simmons, TaralHicks, Tionne "T- Boz" Watkins,Clifford "Method Man" Smith. Twofriends begin robbing clubs to makesome quick cash. For one of them, thepayoffs are not big enough and hebegins selling drugs. Soon, friendshipsand relationships are put to the testby jealousy, greed, paranoia andbetrayal. A realistic urban dramahighlighted by an all-star hip-hop castand a pulsing rap soundtrack. 95 min.;
Credits and other information from theInternet Movie Database

Black and White (1999)

Directed by James Toback. Cast: RobertDowney, Jr., Brooke Shields, Mike Tyson.When Rich Bower decides to reinvent himselfas a hip-hop impresario after a life ofcrime, he is confronted by the internecinedealings of the white world. Documentaryfilmmaker Sam Donager and her husband enterthe scene as they follow a group ofprivileged uptown teenagers who are drawnto the hip-hop lifestyle. 99 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Black Devil Doll (2007)

Directed by Jonathan Lewis. Cast:Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, ChristineSvendsen, Precious Cox, Erika Branich,Martin Boone. During an innocent game onthe Ouija board, Heather and her friendssummon the soul of a recently executedserial killer whose spirit is trapped in aflesh-hungry African American ventriloquistpuppet. "The meanest, nastiest, dirtiest,raunchiest, ass-kickin'est Afro-American... controversial exploitation film of thecentury" -- Container. 72 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Bones (1988)

Directed by Ernest Dickerson. Cast:Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier, Khalil Kain, RickyHarris, Clifton Powell, Bianca Lawson,Michael T. Weiss. A notorious streethustler is mistakenly brought back from thedead after some kids buy the house he waskilled in over 20 years before. Now he isseeking revenge on those who murdered him.With each new victim, the terror mounts,and Bones' vengeance spins out of control,threatening everyone in his path, includinghis former lover, Pearl.

Boycott (TV, 2001)

Directed by Clark Johnson. Cast:Jeffrey Wright, Terrence Howard, C.C.H.Pounder, Carmen Ejogo, Reg E. Cathey, BrentJennings, Shawn Michael Howard, IrisLittle-Thomas, Erik Todd Dellums, MikeHodge. In the winter of 1955 in the deepsouth, Rosa Parks (1913-2005), a singleblack woman on a public bus, is arrestedwhen she chooses a "whites only" seat. Heraction and the reaction of the authoritieshelps birth the modern civil rightsmovement in the United States, and makesher an inspiring icon and lodestone to allinvolved with the struggle for equality,including a young Martin Luther King.