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Blaxploitation Films

Abby (1974)

Directed by William Girdler. Cast:William Marshall, Terry Carter, AustinStoker, Carol Speed. A possession filmabout a marriage counselor who becomespossessed by a demon of sexuality, when herfather in law, an exorcist, freed it whilein Africa. He returns home, along with hisson and a policeman to perform an Africanexorcism on her. 92 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Afro Promo: Black Cinema Trailers1946-76

Alternately trashy and poignant andsometimes just plain hard to believe thesedays, here's an irresistible program ofblack cinema trailers that trace itsevolution through its most crucial period,1946-1976. Explores an extensive range ofstylistic approaches -- blaxploitation,comedy, music bio, plantation drama, andmore -- all smartly organized by genre, orviewable as one outrageous joyride throughmid-century picture history. 91 min.

Afros, Macks, 'n Zodiacs. Vol. 1: ACompilation of Some of the Best BlackAction Films of the 1970's

Features clips and trailer attractionsfrom black action motion pictures that werefilmed and released in the 1970s. "You'llsee Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones-- twochicks with guts. And what about thatbad-ass Fred "The Hammer" Williams, shotfulof lead and he still ain't dead! You'llvisit The Mack Superfly and Blacula--thesebrothers have drive and don't take no jive!So turn on your black light, sit back anddig this compilation of Black action!"Films reviewed: Blacula,Monkey Hustle, The Mack, Dr.

BaadAssss Cinema: A Bold Look at70's Blaxploitation Films

In this groundbreaking documentary fromthe Independent Film channel, filmmakerIsaac Julien takes us back to the early 70sand the explosion of blaxploitation films,today one of American cinema's most belovedcult genres. Featuring a wealth of footagefrom classic films and interviews with keyplayers the film thoroughly exploresblaxploitation films from their breakoutcasting and unforgettable soundtracks tothe outrageous fashions and over-the-topstory lines. 2002. 56 min.

Badass Supermama

A playful, but questioning personalexploration of beauty as perceived by ablack women, looking at race, gender,sexuality, body image and representation.These inter-connected issues are examinedthrough 1970's "blaxploitation" moviegoddess Pam Grier and her characters, withclips from her films Foxy Brown and Sheba,baby. A video by Etang Inyang. 1996. 16min.

Black Devil Doll (1963)

Directed by Jonathan Lewis. Cast:Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, ChristineSvendsen, Precious Cox, Erika Branich,Martin Boone. During an innocent game onthe Ouija board, Heather and her friendssummon the soul of a recently executedserial killer whose spirit is trapped in aflesh-hungry African American ventriloquistpuppet. "The meanest, nastiest, dirtiest,raunchiest, ass-kickin'est Afro-American... controversial exploitation film of thecentury" -- Container. 72 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Black Mama, White Mama (1973)

Directed by Eddie Romero. Cast: Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Sid Haig, LynnBorden, Zaldy Zschornack, LaurieBurton. Two extradited female prisonersin a Philippine jungle prison,prostitute Lee Daniels and guerrillafighter Karen Brent, will do anythingto escape. Their chance comes during atransport on which they are shackledtogether. After killing a guard theyare on the run for their lives,igniting a bloody shoot out betweengangsters and a group ofrevolutionaries. 86 min.
Credits and other information from theInternet Movie Database

Blackenstein (1973)

Directed by William A. Levey. Cast:John Hart, Ivory Stone, Andrea King, LizRenay, Roosevelt Jackson. Eddie is aVietnam veteran who loses his arms and legswhen he steps on a land mine, but abrilliant surgeon is able to attach newlimbs. Unfortunately an insanely jealousassistant (who has fallen in love withEddie's fiance) switches Eddie's DNAinjections, transforming him into agigantic killer. 87 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Blacula (1972)

Directed by William Crain. Cast:William Marshall, Denise Nicholas,Vonetta Mcgee, Gordon Pinsent, ThalmusRasulala, Emily Yancy, Lance Taylor,Sr., Charles Macaulay. In 1815 theAfrican prince Mamuwalde is cursed byDracula and sealed in a coffin doomedto be tortured by an unquenchable lustfor blood. Two decoratorspurchaseBlacula's coffin and unwittinglyrelease him and become his firstvictims. 93 min. Online Access through LFLFC.

Cleopatra Jones (1973)

Directed by Jack Starrett. Cast: TamaraDobson, Bernie Casey, Shelley Winters.Classic blaxploitation potboilder. Abeautiful, tough drug enforcement agentintercedes when a menacing drug ringattempts to stage a retaliatory raid ona Los Angeles drug rehabilitationcenter. 89 min.
Credits and other information from theInternet Movie Database
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