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Aging & the Elderly Social & Economic Issues

The Silver Age (Life ; [13])

Part 13 of a series on how the globalized world economy affects ordinary people. Advances in healthcare mean that more people are living longer with over 560 million age 60 and over in the world today. In parts of Europe, North America, and Japan, the proportion of older people is rising faster than any other group. The result, often, is a growing population of old people with too few young people to take care of them. This program explores the implications in three different countries: India, Japan and Tunisia. Directed by Manjira Datta and Charlotte Metcalf. c2000. 24 min.

The Way We Get By

On call 24/7 for the past six years, three senior citizens have made history by greeting nearly one million U.S. troops at a tiny airport in Maine. Filled with unexpected turns, their uplifting and emotional journey demonstrates the meaning of community. Included are stories of heartbreak and redemption that remind viewers how this culture casts out elders, and too often soldiers. Includes two hours of bonus features.

White House Conference on Aging, May 2-5, 1995

Brief excerpts of speeches given by a variety of individuals at the White House Conference on Aging. 27 min.