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African Studies

Children of War

A documentary on northern Uganda children of war; on the child soldiers who were abducted from their homes and forced to become fighters by the Lord's Resistance Army. Follows a group of them as they undergo a process of trauma therapy and healing while in a rehabilitation center. Filmed and directed by Bryan Single. Dist.: New Day Films. 2009. 75 min.

Children of War

This chilling feature tells the story of Acholi school girls from St. Mary's College in Northern Uganda who were abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army to serve as child soldiers. Of the 250,000 child soldiers worldwide, many are used as sexual servants, spies, porters and frontline grunts. These unwilling combatants often find themselves subject to disease, physical assault and rape. Includes interviews with one of the girls who escaped and survived the ordeal, a teacher and the assistant headmistress at St.

Children Speak

These are the proceedings of a national children's conference organized by the Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children in October 2002 where the children discussed the issues touching on children's rights in the draft constitution and gave suggestions and recommendations. 20 min.

Chinua Achebe (A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers).

Moyers interviews Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe who discusses the West's often inaccurate portrayal of Africa and how it is the African storyteller's obligation to be the collective memory of the African people. 1989. 28 min.

Chinua Achebe: African Literature as Celebration.

Uncompromising yet nonpartisan in his views on politics and writing, Chinua Achebe -- author, editor, and literary critic -- ceaselessly explores the collision of European and indigenous African cultures. In this lecture the well-known ambassador of African literature, delivers a thought-provoking introduction to the world-class writing that has come from Nigeria and other African countries during the latter half of the 20th century. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1990. 52 min.

Chinua Achebe: The Importance of Stories

An interview with the first great African novelist writing in English, the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. He discusses his personal views as an African and how his identity has shaped his writing. 1996. 57 min.


Chinweizu reads poems and prose from the African oral and written tradition and he discusses the African humanities and literature. 1989. 49 min.

Chopi Music of Mozambique; Banguza Timbila.

Two short documentary films which depict performances of the timbila (marimba) music of the Chopi people who live in the village of Banguza, in the province of Zavala, in Mozambique. The procedures and techniques employed in making the musical instruments are shown in detail and the stories of the dances performed to the music are explained. Dist.: Flower Films. 1989. 60 min.

Cinderella of the Cape Flats(Real stories from a free South Africa; v. 2)

Everyday the working class Coloured women in the garment industry of the windswept flats around Cape Town toil anonymously to make clothes so that other women will look beautiful. Invariably they cannot afford these garments themselves. But for one day a year they come out in all their glory at the Annual Spring Queen pageant. The pageant is created by the workers and their trade union to bring their families together for an evening of solidarity and fun.

Cleansing the Past(Africa: Search for Common Ground; 4)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Examines the results of the civil war in Mozambique through one former soldier in the rebel FRELIMO army as he seeks to rejoin the community he left behind. The village puts him through a rite of exorcism, so he is able to resume his life as a fisherman. 1997. 26 min.